Samsung Galaxy Note7 Unboxing [4K]

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20 Responses to Samsung Galaxy Note7 Unboxing [4K]

  1. shado boxxer says:


  2. Danny says:

    Why can't Samsung remove the logo for US market too??? :(

  3. Xavier Robinson says:

    Changing screen resolution!! I'm going to preorder tomorrow

  4. Brock Norwood says:

    good English

  5. . says:

    should I get a Blue Coral galaxy note7 or a Black Onyx galaxy note7? It's really your choice because I dont know its hard!

  6. VegasWorld INC says:

    After trying out the Note 7 in store, I had to preorder. Slick phone. Gorgeous in black onyx.

  7. jesus mireles says:

    I have note 5 but I saw the note 7 at Verizon and I'm going to get it its real nice I also like the double security it has that's important for Samsung pay and many other things to if I understude correctly

  8. kamshufna says:

    Yess ! the Note is the best Samsung Phones ! Hav been using Note 2 for 6 years without a glitch ..
    I think its time to upgrade ! thanks 4 the video !

  9. Nasser Cedeño says:

    nice video Man. Im getting that phone look nice

  10. Tabish Zaidi (Tablish Tv) says:

    great review !!!

  11. Roborav says:

    Boring ass phone nothing new about this no killer features or innovations. Just the same as all Samsung phones every year. 

  12. 형님조는사랑입니다 says:

    영어로 들으니 색다르네

  13. Nawaf Ebrahim says:

    hi there, how would describe the brightness of the screen compared to the Galaxy S7 ? as I have noticed on a demo version of the note 7 that its noticeably less than the S7 ! since you've got a working retail unit what would say abut it ? thanks

  14. jadamama says:

    I'm so excited for this phone (blue coral) can't wait till mines ship

  15. shahzad adil says:

    price bro & vR free with this or not?

  16. adeel ali says:

    can we use the USB type c adapter for the old gear vr ?

  17. liergurung says:

    s7 edge is much better than note 7

  18. J-Deadly says:

    Just so you know – it is pronounced:

    cor·al = /core•uhl/

  19. Jose Ligero says:

    A question,can you use fingerprint and iris scanner at the same time?Or you just can have one at the time?

  20. sagar giri says:

    there should be option for edge and non-edge note