Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ Dual Unboxing!

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ Dual Unboxing!

Here is a look at both the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus from Samsung!! See the different sizes and also the different colors as well.
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47 Responses to Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ Dual Unboxing!

  1. Bobby Jindal 2016 says:

    What a scam samsung just tweaked the os animation like iphone 7 to make it nice but the 5.8 screen makes it unbuyable i have s7 skipping s8

  2. Eduardo Cano says:

    I can’t wait for your videos of this phone thank you so much for your hard work.

  3. Zaphzaph says:

    Shitty flagships
    Another loss for shitsung

  4. scorpion 7000 says:

    i love lhe 8+

  5. Miloš Utvić says:

    I think I’d buy an S8 if my S4 didn’t start to go crazy with the motherboard all of a sudden. I bought S7 edge instead, and I’m sure that I’d buy the S8 for about $10-20 cheaper if I could have waited for it to come out (when I bought S7e a month ago it was more expensive than the S8 now, at least in my country). I’m just so frustrated now that I see what I’ve missed. But hopefully this S7 edge will last me 3 years before I buy another phone without having miss a good shot… I mean, S7 edge is great too, but S8 is much, much better, hands down.

  6. Vasilis Pedaris says:

    Great video! The S8+ display is reddish… from the start of boot up!

  7. RTPSEV says:

    Well S8+ looks like the most appropriate personal pocket computer. the beigger the screen the easier to use at a distance of the hand.

  8. Jarren Ford says:

    How does the speaker perform? It’s disappointing we only get a mono speaker.

  9. Lavy Khurana says:

    Tim how about coral blue no one seems to like it?

  10. Jordan Wylde says:

    I got a new galaxy s7 edge in January and now I’m kicking myself. But I don’t see the s8 as a big enough of an upgrade to get it. Maybe the s9.

  11. Juul Sommen says:

    When will you do the spectre x360 review?

  12. the eabster says:

    I haven’t heard of any explosions so far with the few reviews that are out probably safe to get one

  13. Nikhil Lende says:

    your s8+ red tint display bro notic….plz

  14. Rahul Srivastva says:

    I hate that T-Mobile logo that pops up
    Ruins all the beauty
    Hate on my blackberry classic too

  15. islandnard says:

    I want the Galaxy S8 or the S8+

  16. Phalad TiGeR says:

    I’ve pre order for an orchid grey S8+, what I’m so curious is its battery life, s7edge 8890soc was so great for me last year.

  17. Baleur says:

    Guys, about the red tint, its like that with ALL phones, sometimes you get a display thats tinted in one way or the other, thats why there is a color balance setting. Xeetechcare’s channel had the same with an s8 and s8+, after color balance tweaking in the main settings, they are identical again.

  18. Tim Schofield says:

    More Galaxy S8/S8+ coverage coming very soon! Be sure to subscribe!

  19. Thobtech T says:

    S8+ all day. nice review

  20. xblackcatx13 666 says:

    Why do they make such ugly colors. . .The black is ok, but that puke purple/gray???? Man.

  21. Sudden Revelations says:

    The S8 or the S8+ which one? Which color?

  22. Danny Young says:

    I got my S8+ yesterday, thanks to T-Mobile and I am loving it.

    it doesn’t feel big at all.

  23. Project Eleven says:

    Watching on my beautiful silver S8+.

  24. Darren Healy says:

    the AKG earphones are awful I will be using my £14.99 earphones that were brought from HMV 2yrs ago. if quite easily give them away for free but when I sell my 8plus I want them to be included.

  25. VonBoyka says:

    red screen… red screen + red screen in S8+

  26. Nicolas Spada says:

    im standin between picking lg g6 and pixel. prixe, size and design dosent matter. pls help me pick

  27. Ogy Al Bara says:

    i do love my s7 edge more bcoz i cant effort the new one .

  28. Luuk Smedts says:

    Amerika cariers are so weird.

  29. THEOGGALLON says:

    just got mine today s8 plus midnight black it is awesome so smooth

  30. David Jackson says:

    i been watching his videos for a couple years I love them all though I’m not super happy with my motoz it a little buggy but the mods make it worth it, now I just got the S8 plus yesterday what you will never see in his video he doesn’t have larger/fat hands the screen wraps the sides just a tad bit, so when palming the phone the palm of your​ hand may actually touch the side of the screen, so the screen register your palm, so trying to successfully make touch function will not register as long as the palm of you hand is touch the sides of screen…I have the plus I’m sure that wouldn’t be a issue with the little brother but I like a big phone, so I’m returning and I’ll wait on the note 8 instead

  31. Daniel Pierce says:

    Just from the start up you can see how much more red the s8+ screen is, I guess this really is an issue huh….

  32. alfri says:

    red display on s8+

  33. Abhishek Phatak says:

    I think s8+ is better due to the larger screen as well as bigger battery giving more juice

  34. Nikhilsaikumar Avula says:

    does s8 have a iris scanner?

  35. IRONDROID says:

    That screen OMG! is just amazing. Nice video Tim.

  36. Nathan Bryant says:

    I usually get the latest Note or Galaxy S phone, but I’m kind of tired of the sluggishness and poor battery life after the first 8 months to a year+. Standby time is terrible even when on airplane mode now for my S7 Edge. I think I’m going to stick with the Pixel (current phone) line. Not the flashiest design, but the performance is key for me nowadays. Most flagship phones take really good pictures, have quality screens, and I use most of them the same way. It just comes down to design, battery life, and performance for me. Does it have to be the best in all of those areas? No. But it needs to be good in all of those areas and that will make it overall an excellent phone for me.

  37. Tharusha with Gagets. says:

    Hey guy!How much is samsung galaxy s8.please send me a reply.

  38. Julian Sawyer says:

    you can clearly see the red think on the S8 plus I get my phone tomorrow I will insist on one that does not have this issue SMH

  39. Nick Ortega Louis says:

    i love the S8+

  40. Namila Gayan says:

    can i get it free i never seen it real world it.please

  41. Matt C says:

    I love that all black colour!

  42. Swagga Womack says:

    I Like The 8 Plus Better Than The Regular S8

  43. Daniel Russell says:

    I just realized why connecters are male and female. Because the male part gets inserted into the female part. Duh

  44. Kevin Fayle says:

    I like the S8+

  45. Jiae K says:

    What’s with that red tint on the s8+

  46. kristi leka says:

    Tim… it isnt shutter lag it is just the new software that looks like lag but actually is the new tech when samsung snaps a bunch of pics a time to get a better shoot ..

  47. Andre Ritamar says:

    are you going to give this phones a give away?