Samsung Galaxy Star Unboxing Cheapest Android Phone from Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Star Unboxing, the Galaxy Star is the most affordable budget oriented dual-sim android phone from Samsung and it runs on Android 4.1 Jelly bean out of the box it has a 1 Ghz processor, 512 MB of RAM a 2 MP rear facing camera, Micro SDCard slot, bluetooth, WiFi and I do the unboxing first boot and hands on overview for this Samsung Galaxy Star GT-S5282.

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20 Responses to Samsung Galaxy Star Unboxing Cheapest Android Phone from Samsung

  1. Ovi Store says:

    I have this same phone and its laying with no apps except what's app I hate this phone

  2. Zahir Mohammad says:

    ewwww our maides's phone most cheapest

  3. Suraj Banga says:

    How much is it in dollars?

  4. Fitz carlos says:

    very good!huh!

  5. MeltingS99 says:

    lol when he turned it over he hit the table

  6. Ellayzamae Saelens says:

    my mom has this

  7. Michael Cui says:

    Who's here from Techsmartt

  8. Devin James says:

    Ur voice is damn annoying

  9. Asoomay Hano says:

    اتفووووو الجهاز ده زفت الله يحرقه ونخلص من المعفن ده

  10. Zedrick Philip Villarante says:

    My older brother have one of this and he is using it now. It is too slow and tiny for him 'cause he has big thumb but the screen is too tiny.

  11. Deadpool says:

    crap phone lol

  12. Epolrazi55 (epolrazi55) says:

    so…this is the Y neo ok…
    y neo asian exclusive
    star western

  13. Apar Riar says:

    I have this same phone

  14. Saad K says:

    Could you make a video of the Samsung Galaxy star pro

  15. Zaigham Malik says:

    I have also this phone. It takes too long to do tasks. It became slow and facebook is very slow on it. Pl tell me its reason

  16. Saad K says:

    Hi, could you make a short video on Hangouts by updating google talk and also use hangouts dialer from google play

  17. debbie says:

    Hi. I'm currently using Moto G as my primary phone. Want to keep another android phone for secondary use. Can you suggest the best but cheapest smartphone under Rs.3k (4k max)? From any brand. Front cam is not necessary, performance should be good. May be a little bit of gaming as well.

  18. Prattya Banerjee says:

    It supports micro SIM or Mini SIM…????

  19. miranda powers says:

    These "budget phones" are for children.

  20. Ruan CBRPlays says:

    Is very similar of galaxy pocket neo.