Samsung GT-1270 Flip Phone – Unboxing (4K)

GT-1270 Flip Phone:

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17 Responses to Samsung GT-1270 Flip Phone – Unboxing (4K)

  1. Rivaltino Arron says:

    Do a speedtest with nokia 3310

  2. DrZeroHark says:

    can you pls buy the nokia 8110 its the phone from the movie matrix 🙂 greetings from germany

  3. Jakub Kociszewski says:

    Just typical clamshell, good to know they still produce these things

  4. Rezwan Phone says:

    This wud beat the note 4 100% lol 

  5. XXXREtrotronXXX says:

    Hi +adrianisen Hi wie geht's schöne grüße aus Österreich ;)

  6. Stanisław Nowak says:

    Really?! :|

  7. faceandbook YT says:

    I thing this phone is my 2 nd phone 

  8. DarvinM says:

    German for the Win 

  9. Antonio Rodriguez says:

    Old school phones like a video

  10. Mathieu Deprat says:

    Who tf uses flip phones anymore? XD

  11. Mohammad Qasem says:

    U are amazing man

  12. LovingHardstyle says:

    hahaha, lol

  13. Parminder Singh says:

    Which device WiFi speed in fast ? 

  14. Yago RG says:

    Whats that?

  15. kristi leka says:

    Ur videos are so funny xD

  16. Subal Suchdev says: