Say Goodbye smartphones, Hello Moto Z with Moto Mods

Say Goodbye smartphones, Hello Moto Z with Moto Mods

Discover how the Moto Mods can transform your Moto Z into a speaker, 10x optical zoom camera, a projector, and an all day battery.

Take your smartphone to the next level!

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42 Responses to Say Goodbye smartphones, Hello Moto Z with Moto Mods

  1. ballzack57 says:

    So…um…does my phone come with a camera bag that must be needed to carry all of these mods? Or do I have to choose just one when I leave my house in the morning and just hope I chose wisely?

  2. Stacy Stevens says:

    Hello Apple

  3. Антон Климовец says:

    Купил. Доволен. Рекомендую ☺️

  4. Arkodeep Sen says:

    You guys say goodbye to customers!

  5. 1quwer says:

    Hello & goodbye Lenovo

  6. Ashok Tudu says:

    volume is a little low on motto

  7. Alex Snyder says:

    For those of you that don’t know. You can get a projector for any new Android. So still go with Samsung. Apple is for the technologically challenged. So if you aren’t that smart, go with Apple.

  8. Andy Doroshenko says:

    I don’t need it. Give me 4-5 inches

  9. Aby George says:

    ❤️ Moto

  10. Djo La ki Sa Lou says:

    This is amazing moto!!

  11. Krishna K says:

    Where are Dolby Atmos release all phone only one Moto m

  12. NERDZ 97 says:

    Nah my note 8 are better than this

  13. Hanief Muhammady says:


  14. Albert Lo says:

    Im a happy owner of all current mods and shells Z Force Rocks

  15. xysatnafx says:

    응 디자인 좆구려~

  16. Cameron Duval says:

    I have a Moto Z Force… love it and would give it 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  17. Soumen Tikader says:

    moto mods are good things but the prices are very high

  18. Jake Sims says:

    Moto Z ad before Moto Z2 unveiling.

  19. kim de honor says:


  20. Василь Шиманський says:

    say: Hello, Kyiv!)

  21. willyboxer1 says:

    what music is this? can somebody tell me..

  22. Nikolai Harhai says:

    Love my Z2 Force with Moto Mods. Just ordered the projector mod. Don’t think I could go back to a phone without mods.

  23. Ain'tMyself says:

    Flop idea.

  24. Betternet says:

    stop acting like you’re going to overturn the whole industry, it’s not going to happen

  25. Nickbur Show says:

    Приємно бачити, що промо такого рівня знімали у Києві 🙂

  26. Tito Chresno says:

    The legendary phone is come back

  27. Zombiechrist265 says:

    The moto z is basically a game with dlc add-ons to make it worth it.

  28. equario says:

    Shoot in Kyiv, Ukraine

  29. nazirhas says:

    Hi hi bye bye bixby

  30. jamari ! says:

    when are some new moto mods coming ?

  31. Omar Nidal Soub says:

    Say Goodbye to Moto Z, Hello
    Galaxy Note 8

  32. SK Vines says:

    hey moto can you tell me when moto g turbo edition receive nought update……
    please reply

  33. Djo La ki Sa Lou says:


  34. Дмитрий Б says:


  35. Saransh Arya says:

    fuckers big thing would happen if you don’t give nougat to moto g3

  36. Alejandro Neri says:

    K padre sería tener un moto z

  37. Gianni R says:

    Moto; because cmon, we are all missing a massive speaker to play in a restaurant, a projector so EVERYONE on the train can see what your watching, and a camera with optical zoom instead of digital zoom because we don’t have that already on 7$ cameras…

  38. samir belle says:

    comprei e n gostei do aparelho no moto z2… com 4giga de ram n foi o que esperava….

  39. Alexey Alexey says:

    Сбылась мечта российский пропагандистов : Моторола в Киеве.

  40. Angelo Santiago says:

    Music pleaseee