Scare Drivers on their mobile phones

You can shout and rage as much as you like, I prefer to let the Nuda handle them.

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20 Responses to Scare Drivers on their mobile phones

  1. Deeps Sodapop says:

    don't blame everyone else that has automobiles,put ur self in danger and that's what u get jus ride ur bike and worry about urslef stop Tryon to look for something that doesn't concern you, I know we all share the road u know so jus keep Going or don't fuck it's not rocket science guys common have fun u live once but ride saftely if the guys on the phone record him and keep Goin and report him fuck fake hero's

  2. Deeps Sodapop says:

    you shall learn ur lesson when ur dead or in a coma

  3. Deeps Sodapop says:

    bikers kill themselves when they think they own the road and try to be hero's

  4. Vincent Dewitt says:

    What a prick, I fucking hate jack bastards that use their phone whilst driving !!!

  5. Karlo Moharic says:

    I hope that uploader realises that by cutting lanes he is also breaking the law

  6. Imperator says:

    Changing lanes like a moron

  7. Rizki Fahrurrazi says:

    Jose Mourinho, is that you?

  8. DeMurker says:

    If you're allowing yourself to hold a phone while driving slowly, you're gonna want to hold it when driving fast as well. Being part of traffic does not stop until the car is parked, people should learn to completely ignore their phone before that… RJ's frustation is completely understandable.

  9. MrIzzy5466 says:

    In my car one day I honked horn at a guy who was texting. He panicked, slammed on his brakes and hit me then claimed the accident was my fault. The guy behind me had my back tho, he told the cops: "He honked his horn at a kid who ran across the road and this idiot on his phone freaked out" good times

  10. MrEsperonche says:

    Why would lane splitting be a "stupid" idea? It totally makes sense since a motorbike doesn't take much place in the traffic. Yes, don't be stupid by going fast while lane splitting. But the excuse for the car drivers that they could switch lanes and hit a rider for an unwanted result is wrong. If you want to switch lanes, LOOK INTO YOUR MIRRORS, BLIND SPOTS AND USE YOUR BLINKERS DAMNIT! That's what you learned to obtain your driving licence.
    You are supposed to be a better driver than the ones who are learning to drive. I swear you would fail to pass the exam with a chance of 100% if you had to do it again. These are the most basic yet most essential things you have to know and to do the first times you drive. So why you don't do it? It takes one or two seconds to look and put your turning signals.
    The sad truth is that I realize 80% of drivers don't do these things actually. To resume what I said: share the road with the other vehicles.

  11. Haeral says:

    You drive very dangerously, too. I know you're a good rider, but just take it easy in traffic, don't get in between cars like that.

  12. Yezhik says:

    youre swerving in tight spaces in traffic, and you post a video of how you scared someone on the phone? You realize you put yourself and others at more danger with your riding style than that person looking at his phone at less than 5mph.

  13. Luca Brenner says:

    Is it possible That you can make a ' Scare Drivers on Their Phone ' Compilation? @RoyalJordanian

  14. Col Jones says:

    Give bikers paintball guns to shoot at the cars of those on their phones, that would be fucking awesome.

  15. sarin seven says:

    Im simply amazed that no one seems to understand that lane splitting is legal in the Uk. I would venture to guess, maybe im wrong, that is legal in more places than its illegal.

  16. Pepe Coco says: them who is the real boss.

  17. Mike Haggar says:

    0:42 Dennis Hopper

  18. Andreas Schlau says:

    What a pussy in the Car.

  19. davisnneal says:

    Their was a bigger dumb@ss recording. More afraid of motorcycle drivers like that then the guy on the phone.

  20. Loren Kargard says:

    That's funny,Mr.Grumpy