Smallest Mobile Phone In The World?! (F1 Mini)

Smallest smartphone in the world? F1 Mini Review. The F1 Mini is straight out of my Epic Shenzhen Tech video and here’s the full review. Best small phone ever? Let me know. This small little phone doesn’t pack a punch, but it does pack a trunk full of goodness. ▶Subscribe for more:

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Epic Shenzhen Tech –

MOTQRONA review –

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16 Responses to Smallest Mobile Phone In The World?! (F1 Mini)

  1. Francis Serban says:

    i have that:-)

  2. Maria Dancova says:

    I have That phone

  3. arnar sedrakyan says:

    Iphone: dropped it, screen cracked
    F1 MINI:dropped it, floor cracked

  4. mr. timebacon says:

    Someone make the worlds smallest phone case for the worlds smallest phone

  5. ‫يزن المصطفى | Yazan Almustafa‬‎ says:

    What is The Name of Song !!
    No #MLG Jokes or I will kill who says " Darude – Sandstorm " .. >:-(

  6. Pyro Blaze says:

    kid finds a red car
    grabs and slides it everywhere
    parent looks at it
    thinks its a toy car

  7. DCMage says:

    What is the price?

  8. Headless Gorilla says:

    Straight outta Futurama!

  9. Suh Dude says:

    The ringtone killed me

  10. Minji Babe says:

    This is something I could see you giving to a young kid for emergencies. It's cute.

  11. Andres Dardon says:

    Emergency phone. All I can say.

  12. Bret says:

    its inovative trap phone ha ha

  13. Bob Cpeytonseven says:

    Use it for a week

  14. Vine Sauage says:

    good in school

  15. kevin edmond says:

    it's cool