Smartphone Accessories – DIY Smartphone cooler

Smartphone Accessories – DIY Smartphone cooler

Smartphone Cooler accessory Diy- This is my solution to an overheating smartphone specially when playing heavy games that uses a lot of resources from your phone that causes overheating. you can use smaller fan but I prefer this kind of fan. not so small and not so big. the air it blows is sufficient to cool down your smartphone.

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26 Responses to Smartphone Accessories – DIY Smartphone cooler

  1. Matthew St. Jean says:

    Now Ladies, when he says to cut 7 inches, this is going to be a lot longer than what your SO has been telling you is 7 inches… trust your measuring tape in this case.

  2. Tech-Games tips says:

    connect to otg cable no powerbank

  3. Exploring India says:

    Give your website

  4. Jom says:

    is it totally working? i need it cause i always my data and hotspot.

  5. Suriyaa B says:

    Dude,those weapons are amazing, keep it up

  6. yasien sayidiman says:

    why you did’t open back case your phone , i think it will cooling your phone better

  7. Link has such a way with words says:

    I would be amazed if you could make a DIY extended battery case. The HTC 10 has one, but the design is terrible.

  8. BatBoi says:

    Very Helpful xD Because I Over clock My Phone And Gets A Little Hot

  9. Ram Lal says:

    buddy make something by copper sheet in phone case or cover with a fan like in laptops throw wind from side not like exhausting fans…pls try much beeetttteer and nice option..take this seriously not a joke buddy.god bless you.

  10. Paulius Ragauskas says:

    finally i could shot longer 4k videos. and how much does it cool it down? is there any obvious difference?

  11. Severus Snipe says:

    that is some gay music in the background

  12. CabinDoor says:

    But who plays heavy games on their phone? Phone games are horrible.

  13. Madshow says:

    nice video and DIY object, but not usefull to cool a very hot "in use" phone outside…

  14. Carlos Motta says:

    Awesome! It should come with any phone which rocks a 810, like mine. Disarmingly simple and completely sound. Congrats.

  15. rob barr says:

    I don’t know if you got the wires crossed but any reason why you have to Fan pushing away from the cell phone

  16. The flamingsword says:

    where did you buy the fan?

  17. Boots'n'Cats says:

    Would it cool nicely with a case/power supply fan?

  18. B0YZZ #Ohi says:

    i have that same phone

  19. Phoenix Cherry says:

    This looks like the oldest tutorial of fans for smartphones

  20. Abbos Imomov says:

    better use fridge

  21. Angger Ardi says:

    so crazy.. very creative

  22. woo Zhi says:

    welp will be better if the fan can be closer to the phone

  23. Eduardo Hirata says:

    +Brains techKnowlogy, no offense, but this looks kinda useless, I mean… What really does is blow ar into the phone’s cover, and maybe into your hands. Perhaps if you open the cellphone and place the heat sink touching it, than would actually cooldown. Im not trying to be a jerk!!! Just saying, cus if you take the metallic sink out from a fan, and let it blowing ar into your pc, your CPU will blow up!

  24. Raisya Yusufa says:

    where I can find the fan?

  25. faster than LIGHT says:

    Hi, could you share with us where did you get the metal plate? (at 1:32 into your video) Thanks