Smartphone Awards: 2015!

The Best Smartphones of 2015!

On the “Perfect” Smartphone in 2015:

Top Big Phones [0:41]
Best Compact Smartphones [1:58]
Best Smartphone Camera [2:56]
Top Budget Smartphone [4:35]
Best Battery Life [6:31]
Most Improved [7:45]
Top Design Award [8:21]
Bust of the Year [9:26]
Best Smartphone of the Year [10:09]

Samsung Galaxy Note 5:
Galaxy Note 5 Review:

LG V10:
LG V10 Review:

Google Nexus 6P:
Nexus 6P Review:

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus:
Galaxy S6 Edge Review:

Apple iPhone 6s:
iPhone 6s Review:

Sony Xperia Z5 Compact:

OnePlus X:
OnePlus X Review:

Moto X Pure Edition:
Moto X 2015 Review:

OnePlus 2:
OnePlus 2 Review:

Google Nexus 5X:
Nexus 5X Review:

Droid Maxx 2:

LG G4:
LG G4 Review:

Blackberry Priv:
Blackberry Priv Review:

Droid Turbo 2:

Sony Xperia Z5 Premium:
Sony Xperia Z5P Display:

HTC One A9:

Video Gear I use:

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14 Responses to Smartphone Awards: 2015!

  1. Tate Lidgard says:

    Plz do the video on the 950

  2. Hassan Radwan says:

    I love this channel!!!

  3. Tommy Ambrose says:

    I am getting an upgrade in two moths. I am debating iphone 6s, samsung galaxy s6 or s7 what should i get

  4. loganathan daniel says:

    brownlee i want to buy redmi note 3 and u r opinion plzzzz tell me

  5. Rayyan Sadruddin says:

    i phone is the best isnt it?

  6. ryan lee says:

    just exchanged my galaxy s6 due to a few issues for the nexus sp iv seen a few videos with it saying it's the best smart phone of 2015 so I'm giving it ago.

  7. Liam Barry says:

    950 xl should have a review

  8. Jatin FIFAHD says:

    can you plz help me out and decide which phone to buy : Moto X style , one plus X, lenovo vibe x3

  9. Matthew do says:

    your videos have extremely good quality that you have 4k. like u wot m8

  10. Jovanni Ferriolo says:

    I have a iPhone 4s

  11. Jovanni Ferriolo says:

    Nice vid

  12. Emad Ahmed says:

    Yeah, HTC are such fucking wannabes that in hopes of copying others, they're losing their originality, quality, uniqueness, strengths, and the progressive and innovative nature. That upsets me the most since the One M7 and M8 were my favorite smartphones of their respective years. And now for the One A9, I have to agree with the "bust of the year" AWARD. So disappointing!

  13. ali nawaz says:

    from where the hell do you buy all these ? most of us have problems affording even 1 ?

  14. RhysPattenVlogs says:

    What's your name on Beme?