Smartron Unboxing

Smartron Unboxing by FoneArena . unboxes the Smartron

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9 Responses to Smartron Unboxing

  1. Lorem Ipsum says:

    please smarttron bring one phone to kill Redmi Note 3.. and your company will go on top..

  2. Ritesh Hasija says:

    this or oneplus 3??? nahh i'm just kidding.. definitely this one!!

  3. Ryan Darcy says:

    It doesn't look that smooth when you scroll so it needs to be better optimised especially considering the specs.

  4. Vishal Giri says:

    is it worth buying over Le Max2?

  5. Vishal Giri says:

    good job Sandeep!!

  6. Anmoldeep Singh says:

    of camera

  7. Anmoldeep Singh says:

    finally good view

  8. Technotest Test high-tech says:

    How costed this phone ?