SML Movie: Jeffy’s Cellphone!

SML Movie: Jeffy's Cellphone!

Mario decides to get Jeffy a cellphone!
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20 Responses to SML Movie: Jeffy’s Cellphone!

  1. Nathan Carey says:


  2. Nemo Dalderop says:

    you just calling random people

  3. Charlie Norris says:

    Jeffey is my favorite sml character

  4. Mellanie Gonzalez says:

    My favorite SML character is Jeffey

  5. yuan sango says:

    jeffy becuse is so stupid

  6. Kyle Clark says:

    Call 2 is Lovell call 3 is elana call 4 is lance call 5 is lance call 6 is lance call 7 is lance call 8 is lance call 9 is elana call 10 is elana call 1 is i don't remember

  7. Mr Awesome man says:

    Again Jeffy

  8. Kyle Clark says:

    Lance is jeffy

  9. Campmarines says:

    Sml request: Jeffy's summer school

  10. Campmarines says:

    Jeffy because he is an idiot and his favorite word is why

  11. DIAMOND MINER says:

    SML answer Jeffy because he really funny.

  12. Line Play master says:

    Maybe you can make a new video when Jeffys mom comes back

  13. Tim Rogers says:

    my favorite person in sml is Jeffy because he's funny

  14. Fabian Sanchez says:


  15. Antônio Luís Zettermann says:

    What doing

  16. Annie 104 says:

    sml awnser, Toad.

  17. CaptainNinjaz says:

    What doing?

  18. Gaudencia Cuaya says:


  19. Kathy Tobias says:


  20. P says:

    sml answer: Bowser