Sony Xperia E3 Budget Android Phone Unboxing & Overview

Sony Xperia E3 Dual Unboxing & Hands on Overview the Xperia E3 is budget oriented Android phone having a 4.5″ screen is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 1.2 Ghz Quad Core processor has 1 GB of RAM camera is a 5MP and I do the unboxing first boot and give you a hands on overview with the Xperia E3.

You can purchase Xperia E3 online in India via flipkart

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20 Responses to Sony Xperia E3 Budget Android Phone Unboxing & Overview

  1. Jitin Jacob says:

    dont get this phone it has very bad heating problem,bad battery.I'm thinking about getting nexus 5x but not enough money

  2. JMRS 12 says:

    waste of money on this device.

  3. TheHighLads says:

    How do you remove the battery?

  4. A Somewhat Amused British Guy says:

    The E3 is poopy. Don't buy it. I'm writing this comment with my E3 :P

  5. sandeep hadfadkar says:

    Sir I am confused which is the better phone sony xperia m2 or sony xperia e3

  6. Pratish Kadam says:

    Does the phone needs any software to support otg USB?

  7. Axel Waszak says:


  8. sandeep hadfadkar says:

    Which is the better phone sony xperia m2, e3 or m? Please reply me.

  9. Manvendra Pratap Singh says:

    hey ranjit can you please suggest me phone ? My range is under 10k and brand selection is Sony or microsoft. +geekyranjitexplains

  10. Pritish Dutta says:

    Can u please tell that whether sony xperia e3 dual supports otg or not


    will you please tell me that which mobile phone i should purchase samsung galaxy core prime or sony xperia e3 dual

  12. MUFA GAMING says:

    Its fast to 4g aswell

  13. MUFA GAMING says:

    The screen on the phone is dodgey and the back case is rubber if u want a good budget phone you should buy a huawei ascend g620s its 8 mp camera and 5 mp at the front. 

  14. Kevin Immanuel says:

    Does Xperia E3 support 4G connection?

  15. Kripashankar Jaiswar says:

    does it support OTG ?

  16. LOKESH VENKAT says:

    how to enable gusture option and wht r its uses

  17. MLP NITHIN says:

    Hi Ranjith, plz upload the unboxing review of latest Sony xperia e4,which looks like a midrange budget oriented smart phone and also the successor of xperia e3…..

  18. Pratish Kadam says:

    Is USB otg supported by xperia e3 dual? 

  19. Mustafa Khan says:

    Can u do Sony xperia E4

  20. Alan M says:

    Internal storage is terrible on this phone, if you have more than 4 small sized apps you will keep getting notifications that internal storage is full.

    Also you cannot set the default storage location for pics, music, video to your Sd card, so if you're recording a video it will use up what internal storage you have, then stop, so you have to manually move the video to the Sd card.

    Also photo quality is poor on the rear camera, grainy images etc, and as for the front facing camera it's practically useless, with no flash it cannot take any decent pics.