Sony Xperia Z5 Premium: A 4K Smartphone!

Sony Xperia Z5 Premium: A 4K Smartphone!

A 4K smartphone!

Full-size macros:

Carbon fiber skin:

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47 Responses to Sony Xperia Z5 Premium: A 4K Smartphone!

  1. Aziz Azhar says:

    marques won’t do review for any Sony smartphones

  2. Aleksandar Velichkov says:

    1 year later watching this from my XZ Premium.

  3. TheBigBang Studios says:

    What? Even from that first far away comparison you can easily tell the difference between a the Nexus and the Xperia..

  4. Yasir Ali says:

    which DSLR lens you used for making this video???

  5. Techody Channel says:

    wow its a very good camera phone..witha 4k display..

  6. Robert Kelly says:

    Yes you can this phone has better display than GS7 and 6s

  7. Mrinal Singha says:

    Oh! a 2015 video, watching this in 2017, I am from future :v

  8. OpTic KTG says:

    I can finally test out that 4K video that I always use to test a phone screen with a phone that is meant for it.

  9. mo101epic says:

    Probably the last time we’ll see a Sony phone featured on this channel…

  10. Alex Silcock says:

    Not buying cuz of fat bezel

  11. rockboyjazz says:

    Just got this phone off ebay new one for 330$, completely worth it. It got the 7.1 update too 🙂

  12. Christina Cagle says:

    He’s Black WoW! LoL Not Used To Blacks That Look Like U Sounding Professional Like That Really Cool

  13. Iliyan Trayanov says:

    4K is slightly more than UHD, thats actually UHD 😉

  14. david kb says:

    its 2017 bro and seriously we haven’t seen another phone with a 4k display

  15. This is a name says:

    And I’m here watching with a 1080p phone

  16. bubnjar serbianac says:

    sony is the best for me, i had z, z1, z2 and now i,m planning to buy this 🙂

  17. King Andrei says:

    All my gadgets are 1440p

  18. MICHAEL X says:

    VVV рамки большие ! VVV ALEXANDER

  19. AVLRECORDS says:

    so my ol d old OLDDD fucking G3 has sharper menus XD whahahah.. it all renders in 2k

  20. Sylvester Sanchez says:

    You gonna hit 5 million soon

  21. Adrian Paul Adrias says:

    Wish i could have this phone 😀

  22. KLM Music says:

    And we have the iphone 7 with a 750p display for a higher price

  23. Antonios Giannopapas says:

    Great phone but has the worst fucking battery. With not so many apps and the battery can barely hold up for half day. I’m sick of charging it twice a day.

  24. Craig Zorzy says:

    are you going to do a review for the XZ Premium?

  25. Wolff says:

    This is the most shit phone ever. It isn’t water resistance, it is so slow, it overheats and restricts apps due to it. Sony admitted that it was a failure. They literally sold it in the name of 4K.

  26. Angle Abtuse says:

    Hey Guy I am watching this video in 2017 so I am from the future and I time travelled back to 2015 and I can see a lot of difference between Xperia Z5 and Google pooooone

  27. Jos Geerink says:


  28. Danei I says:

    it’s an ugly rectangle.

  29. patrick playz Fun says:

    lol there’s 4K comments

  30. Nicholas Rambaran says:

    You look like you just hit a blunt

  31. Yong Han says:

    Please do a review of the new Sony Xperia XZ Premium

  32. Mine craft youber Roblox call of duty says:

    4k phone


    Coinsidence I think not….illuminatti confirmed

  33. alex chamber says:

    Watching in 320p

  34. Joshua Arin says:

    This is a really bad review, all you talk about is the display…don’t you have anything to talk about ??? So disappointed…

  35. johnsfilms says:

    Dude you’re a genius you predicted something again! The Xperia XZ Premium renders everything at 4k!!

  36. M Isa says:

    4k display on a phone is only useful if you are using the phone for vr

  37. ijna says:

    see when you switched to less pixels the lesser just looks darker , not as bright

  38. ram kumar says:

    But it is great when using vr

  39. Don Gibson says:

    Matters when you expand the video with all the extra pixels and the 23 mp camera for stills, there is a big difference.

  40. Azeem Quadri says:

    2017 now. Still waiting for 4k smartphones

  41. ColbyJAck says:

    I could see the difference between the two phones pretty easily.

  42. Filippo Gariboli says:

    yes you can tell the difference unless you have bad eye sight!

  43. Fritz the Cat says:

    People watching cant tell through Youtube, 99% of people are watching in 1080p or less

  44. hagay Ladany says:

    A better way to check it: only the Z5 with images scaled to 1080P VS 4K

  45. Dickguy says:

    I’ll stick to Sony ps4 and 3

  46. Felix Navidad says:

    nice. 4k comments

  47. Aravind The person says: