Spice Smart Pulse Smartwatch Phone Review, Unboxing, Price & Features Overview

Spice Smart Pulse Smartwatch Phone Review, Unboxing, Price & Features Overview

Spice Smart Pulse Smartwatch Phone Hands On Review Unboxing Price And Features Overview

More details here- http://www.intellectdigest.in/spice-smart-pulse-smartwatch-phone-with-calling-launch-in-india-at-rs-3999-6430/

Spice Smart Pulse Smartwatch Phone is a Dual SIM smart-watch and comes with FM Radio, Bluetooth, Remote notifications support,

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19 Responses to Spice Smart Pulse Smartwatch Phone Review, Unboxing, Price & Features Overview

  1. Curtis Daniels says:

    Does this work with IPhone 6 ? 

  2. venkat chandra says:

    can you please have an unboxing video of the burn smart watch YOUR SHOW IS EPIC!!

  3. Vinod Kumar says:

    Thisone is available in india on amazon with 4k price

  4. Jagadish Appana says:

    Good review..!

  5. Hrishi Das says:

    can i connect with windows phone

  6. Rahul sharma says:

    Which phone u are showing in this video?

  7. Maitrayee k says:

    Is it waterproof! 

  8. adir mugrabi says:

    the odd thing about this. is that it was made with a custom OS. tailor made for it! yet, there is a "back" on-screen key?!

  9. adir mugrabi says:

    take my money!!!

  10. sid gupta says:

    Can you tell me which mobile did you show in this video

  11. Siddhant Shah says:

    incredible definitely gonna buy this…

  12. nandkishore sharma says:

    Amazing Device by Spice…Want to get it

  13. Aayush Narula says:

    Can it be compatible with galaxy grand running android 4.2.2

  14. sohail quadri says:

    Will it supports HTC one m8?


    Yah . you are right guys. Right move by Spice. Pricing is also nice. Indian product which is going to rock in my perspective.

  16. Ravindra K says:

    is thr any process speed are its just using to talk or listening music or camera and video tell me clear and how much warranty is it suites any other android phones or only for spiice like samsung plz buddy tell me clear

  17. Arshad Ansari says:

    I like the edm at last

  18. Samit Arts says:

    Hmm looks interesting, I was always keen on getting a Samsung gear but could not as that was too expensive but now I think I can afford to have a smart watch. Can you please tell me from where I can order it?