Stealing Cell Phones Prank

Stealing and breaking peoples phones, NOT their real ones of course!!
We used a dummy phone which we switched with their real one. We actually got arrested and almost got knocked out so don’t try it yourselves!!


We are just two Russian guys from Sweden who make awesome vids. En-f*cking-joy!

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19 Responses to Stealing Cell Phones Prank

  1. Cats4Life says:

    для второго я думал, вы литвы

  2. Lisa B says:

    Ahahaaa nu såg jag hur ni gjorde det ^_^ coolt

  3. Lisa B says:

    Soptunnan ? Really? Det märks att mobiltelefonen blev störd när du slängde den i soptunnan

  4. Non stop says:

    vem kollar 2016

  5. TAM vlogs says:

    Är den sista killen Ben?

  6. Lydia YouKnow says:

    Men kastade ni mobilen i vattnet på riktigt?

  7. The Victim Card says:

    Minns kanalen enda sen den här videon haha.

  8. Yarik says:

    Next time you fail a steal or pretty much any crime, say to cops it was a prank. =D Yeah and it’s so cool how they mix up the languages, you guys are awesome.

  9. Павел Сергеевич says:

    The People in this country very friendly! In Russia this guy at the same moment take a hit in ur face)

  10. sunnyman voy says:

    Swedish ppl (i assume) are so nice

  11. S904 2013 says:

    haha in our countries in south america we used to get our phones steal. he said "whats up? u trying to steal it or what?" haha that guy is from mexico.

  12. Jonathan Romero says:

    jajajaja some spanish jaja , no mames ese vato parece que tenía acento del DF xD , la mierda muero jajaja

  13. Rick Astley says:

    Gilla om ni tittar i November 2015 :D

  14. Julia Wiström says:

    Kan ni inte göra en 3a. Jag älskar er ni är så jävla bra❤

  15. Trust me, i'm an expert on this says:

    Life Tip: If a random stranger asks if they can use your phone, and you're the kind of person that would let them use it, tell them ok, but i'll hold it you tell me the number, i'll dial and you speak on speakerphone. The phone does not leave your hand. Ever. They don't like it they can go fuck themselves.

  16. agar tube says:

    Normel tv så att du vet du gör så att ingen vill låna ut sin telefon

  17. Chris B says:

    I lol'ed way too hard at the first one… Who the fuck would just take someones phone and smash it in the trash can like that :'''D

  18. emilia ask says:

    abow nu va i solna bor där vettu