Stealing People’s Cell Phone

Saving the best shot for last as always.

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20 Responses to Stealing People’s Cell Phone

  1. Dan Hedger says:

    This area must be really nice. People are happy for you to steal from them.

  2. 小王子 says:

    1:573:00 darude sandstorm

  3. teleportedfunk says:

    students are so chilled and peacefull, try to do this in hood

  4. Alec Heathen says:

    That music is perfect for action in slowmotion! :D

  5. Illumirage says:

    The guys that chase are like, "Dude, I have dick pics on there!"

  6. Aat8 syndrome says:

    why all these peoples in initial video was in unreactive condition… dumbass peoples

  7. Sachin Nair says:

    How to steal someone's phone: ask to make a call then run. Have someone running in the opposite direction and hand the phone off to them. This will throw off the owner of the phone and your friend running will have enough time to get away.

  8. wheelie bunny says:

    damn you try this shit where i live you will go home spitting your theeth out

  9. absoluteform3 says:

    I think a lot of people really just dont like running

  10. absoluteform3 says:

    Lol if you did this in texas

  11. Mymogamz Me says:

    lol I love the music you added
    1:20 he's walking alongside XD
    I think you're so cute XD

  12. Mark Thompson says:

    In Texas that'll get you shot. Just sayin'!

  13. Sopph Dallevés says:

    2:00 Andrew's like "I FEEL SO ALIVE"

  14. WeirdozChannel says:

    this is art. this video is art

  15. Lee-van Williams says:

    hey love ya videos dude!!!! I got a twist for this phone stealing prank…. ok so you take their phone and walk away but this time you will have on a printed t-shirt saying "I Just Stole Your Cell Phone!" LOL lets see what they do…hehehe fun

  16. VaZ X says:

    You can tell by the victims that this dude plays it wayyyy safe….zero props

  17. Zak Hunter says:

    It hurts to watch

  18. Joachim Dyrholm says:

    1:03 Is It Not Neville Longbottom From Harry Potter!?

  19. RealityHijacked says:

    Moral of the story: If you're charming and handsome, people will smile from ear to ear as you're robbing them.

  20. Jimmy Brook says:

    I'm surprised how many people are just okay with their phone being taken