Stealing People’s Cell Phones PRANK!! | TST | Pranks In India

We Started recording this Prank By Just Walking Away With People’s Cell Phones But After Few Reactions We Decided To Take It A Step Higher. Everyone Was Cool With The Idea. They Had Fun Because It Made Their Boring Weekend Somewhat Entertaining. Hope You Like It And Share It With Your Friends :).
Inspired by LAHWF(Most Awkward guy on Youtube)

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Rahul Sharma :

Rishabh Sharma :

Himanshu Taneja :

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19 Responses to Stealing People’s Cell Phones PRANK!! | TST | Pranks In India

  1. Maria Sanam says:

    Atleast show the part when you guys are caught by the victims

  2. Shafiq ahmed says:

    are are fon to waapas kardo ghar lejane ka erada h ke bhaayo

  3. Jay Patel says:

    jitni baar dekhta hoo , har baar maza aa jata hai , bro please make its part 2

  4. SameeR TomaR says:

    so bad music yr…

  5. assis ronaldinho says:

    Sabko free ka Morning jog kara dia . Sahi hai

  6. edvin chandra says:

    Omg that was really funny …..

  7. ISankalp Kumar says:

    How To Steal a Phone and get-away with it.

    1. Borrow someone's phone to make a call.

    2. Tell your friend to stand at a distance and film the whole act.

    3. Run away with the phone.

    4. If you get caught, tell em it's a prank and show them the camera.

    5. if you don't get caught, then it's your lucky day.

  8. Saurabh Agrawal says:

    Sahi hai… pakda toh boldo prank hai… nahi pakda toh mobile khudka..

  9. riad android87 says:

    Agli bar phone mangke dekhiyo

  10. Tushar Sehgal says:

    bro plz tell location too frm next time plz :/
    as i live in delhi only

  11. nikzz16 says:

    3:45 dat moment ._.

  12. RAJ M says:

    Agar mai hota aur ,tum utume ka name letta tohaur jadda peetta

  13. arav kumar says:

    run run

  14. arav kumar says:

    background sound,heck

  15. shubham6877 says:

    Maja nahi aaya.

  16. Fathan Khan says:

    very risky.
    you can gun down if you do this in karachi

  17. Akshay Patni says:

    bakwas…less confiden

  18. winish sewnundun says:


  19. saurav pasrija says:

    could be more better