Sugar Phone (Swarovski) Unboxing

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129 hand-set Swarovski 57-facet Zirconia stones adorn the sides of this premium looking handset that is aimed at the female audience.

The toughened Corning Gorilla Glass on the back of the phone even has a pattern and shimmer to it. A great deal of attention has gone into this handset.

It is not a case of style without substance. A powerful 1.5GHz quad-core processor with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal memory accompany the front facing 8 emgapixel and rear 13 megapixel camera.

What does it look like in the hand and what can you expect in the box, find out in this video.

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11 Responses to Sugar Phone (Swarovski) Unboxing

  1. crystal love says:

    where do you get a sugar phone from?

  2. Baby learn to Love says:

    from France…i think quality should be good

  3. Lynette Luo says:

    where can I buy this in the U.S.??

  4. Mark Phillips says:

    Hi Clove thanks for your reply back I fully understand the "manufacturer" states it's for females but don't you think as a company you should make your own judgement as you are selling the phone that means only females will buy it. I'm not female and I like the phone so the manufacturer is wrong in the fact that it's just for females we all have rights in this life and I'm not judging you as a person but you need to make up your own mind and not follow the leader as it were it's 2015 not 1915 

  5. Lullababy blog says:

    As a woman, I find it really pretty and classy with the Swarovski stones.Are there more colours ?

  6. marco.sivi says:

    It's fugly but remember who it's made for… 

  7. Paul Ramplin says:

    I'd happily drop it in my cup of tea, and watch it dissolve ;)

  8. Androiix says:

    Biast review

  9. Adam Munn-Rivard says:

    Lmao wow…. Horrible name, crazy design and the UI is the biggest offender, makes touchwiz, look futuristic in comparison. Good specs though considering. 

  10. Coach says:

    No offense but this thing looks disgusting!

  11. rahman hakim says:

    Beautiful phone, ugly UI.