T-Mobile HTC Windows Phone 8X Unboxing

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Aaron unboxes the T-Mobile version of the HTC Windows Phone 8X. Featuring a 1.5 GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 CPU, 4.3-inch HD (720p) display, 8-megapixel camera with 1080p HD recording, 1,800 mAh battery, HSPA+ 42 Mbps connectivity, and Windows Phone 8. The design is stunning, but the price tag is a bit high in comparison to the Nokia Lumia 920 on AT&T. Plus, there’s a ton of great Android options on the market. Will it resonate with holiday buyers?

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20 Responses to T-Mobile HTC Windows Phone 8X Unboxing

  1. savage tutts says:

    what i wanna know is ergo you need to phones

  2. The Doctor says:

    What about sprint 

  3. Bravo Seven says:

    @BlamGoesTheEnemy who the fuck cares bitch?

  4. Dan Prosl says:

    Headset r missing.

  5. Angelo Nuho says:

    wtf no earphones???

  6. BlamGoesTheEnemy says:

    stop saying Mobul , it's mobile

  7. Philip Cooper says:


  8. MK9 Football says:

    The good* stupid auto correct 

  9. MK9 Football says:

    Because android suck my balls, the google programs or software are iOS, blackberry and htc 

  10. Elvis says:

    +Lyrical Productions Camera is good I think
    Yeah there is not a lot of apps that is crap but what do you want WP is about 2 years old or even younger so……
    Battery life is good if you don't have turned on bluetooth and WiFi all the time 
    And charging is slow cause I don't know it takes me 25-30 mins to charge up to max :(

  11. Samir Jhingran says:

    Why didn't htc made this gorgeous phone with android.

  12. Nick Angeles says:


  13. Markus VÄIN says:


  14. HooseOfTheMoose says:

    Do the apps use flash? am i gonna be able to watch youtube videos on a desktop browser or facebook videos?

  15. Lyrical Productions says:

    I don't recommend this phone because It doesn't take long to drain the battery and takes a really long time to charge. It also has a horrible quality camera. Don't get me wrong the phone is beautifully designed and brightly colored but I do believe that the way the phone works is superior to the looks of it. Don't even get me started on the lack of apps, which I guess might be a first world problem, but the number of apps is greatly smaller than that of apple and android, which is disappointing.

  16. DJ Ra1n says:

    The phone's on the table at the left corner in the intro…

  17. Derp Derpson says:

    Why not?:(

  18. Lyrical Productions says:

    The phone does not come with headphones, it just has the audio. When you plug in headphones, whether it be cheap or high quality headphones it will provide the audio of beats. (I have this phone, and no I do not recommend it) 🙂

  19. Adolfo Channel says:

    You talk so fucking fast retard

  20. hamsa bieber says:

    there is headphones or no