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10 Best Unlocked Cell Phones 2017

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Unlocked cell phones included in this wiki include the sony xperia e c1604, jethro sc118 simple gsm, moto g play 16gb, alcatel one touch fierce 4g, nokia lumia 635 8gb, samsung grand prime, indigi v13, blu vivo air lte , ecoopro rugged gsm ip67, and blu studio xl 2 6.0.

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Meet The Inventor of the First Cell Phone


Meet The Inventor of the First Cell Phone

Motherboard spends a day with Martin Cooper, the father of the first ever portable, handheld cell phone.

If I were the brains behind a revolutionary invention that would reshape the world as we know it, I’d brag about it to everyone, but not before rubbing it in the face of my fiercest competitor.

And that’s almost exactly what Martin “Marty” Copper, inventor of the cell phone, did when he created the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X, the world’s first ever handheld portable telephone.

It was 1973 and Marty was walking through the streets of New York as journalists faithfully watched him make the first handheld mobile phone call to none other than AT&T’s cellular network engineer and chief nemesis in the cellular race, Joel Engel. Marty revealed to us that when Joel picked up there was silence at the other end of the line, “I suspected he was gritting his teeth,” Marty says with a light-hearted smile and a grain of cheekiness.

After that moment, our way of communicating as a society—from butt-dials to GIF texts—would never be the same again.

The World Health Organization once described cell phones as “possibly carcinogenic” but that hasn’t hindered cell phones from overtaking our planet’s total population; making Marty’s legendary creation a hallmark of modern man’s innovation akin to that of the wheel.

The cell phone was mainly born out of a dissatisfaction with the constraints of the car phone. Early on, Marty and his associates at Motorola knew the future of telephony lied in mobility. Up until 1973, mobile cellular telephony was tethered to vehicles. Placing and receiving calls from a car was a game-changer at the time but Marty disliked the idea of having to be in a car in order to make a call on-the-go. “Freedom means you can talk anywhere,” he says.

The forefather of mobile communications hasn’t stopped looking forward. His vision of future cell phones range from personal servers implanted in our bodies, to artificial intelligence and the obsolescence of apps. At one point in our interview, Marty breaks the fourth wall, addressing our cameras directly: “Instead of us looking for the app, the app ought to find us,” he says with a glint of eureka in his eyes.

As we celebrated his past innovation and joked about today’s relentless mobile connectivity, it was clear that 86-year-old Marty Cooper had a zest for the future that was undeniable. After all, that’s where we’ll spend the rest of our lives, in the future, probably hunched over our cellphones.

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Are WiFi & Cell Phones Slowly KILLING YOU?

You’ve heard the rumors wifi and cellphone signals might be able to hurt your brain, but it’s there actually anything to it? Waste Time takes a closer look to find out.
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Cell Phones and Bibles

Pope Francis wishes we’d use our bibles as often as we use our cell phones.
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4 Seniors: Cheap cell phones for seniors

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Payroll – 3 Cell Phones (@FenkellPayroll)

Artist: Payroll

Song: 3 Cell Phones

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Twitters: @FenkellPayroll
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Southern Momma An Em Cell Phones! Comedian Darren Knight

Southern Momma An Em Cell Phones!

Southern Momma’s Official Website & Apparel


Bang Productions

Comedian Darren Knight aka Southern Momma is a social media celebrity. He’s been compared to Jeff Foxworthy, as the next star of redneck comedy. Darren is from Munford, Alabama.
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The First Cell Phone Call Was an Epic Troll

April 24 — In the 1960s and early ’70s, if you wanted to make a phone call, you did so from a device wired to the telephone grid. When AT&T launched their cellular system for car phones, Dr. Martin “Marty” Cooper and his team at Motorola decided to build a truly wireless mobile phone, a handheld device that would truly free consumers to communicate on the go. (Video by Jim Fabio, additional footage AT&T Archives & History Center)

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The Scary Truth About CELL PHONES (Your Phone is KILLING You!!! – Full Documentary)


The Scary Truth About CELL PHONES (Your Phone is KILLING You!!! - Full Documentary)

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How Cell Phones Reveal Your Location – Computerphile

Many of us use Location Services & GPS on smartphones but Cell Phone Companies have been able to track us for a long time. Professor Derek McAuley explains.

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