TalkingStickTV – Prof. Henry Lai – Cell Phones and Cancer

TalkingStickTV – Prof. Henry Lai – Cell Phones and Cancer

Interview with Prof. Henry Lai with the Dept. of Bioengineering at the University of Washington talking about biological effects of electromagnetic fields (via cell phones) and using artemisinin as a cancer treatment. Recorded August 30, 2008 in Seattle.

Unfortunately audio is only via the left channel.

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4 Responses to TalkingStickTV – Prof. Henry Lai – Cell Phones and Cancer

  1. pepijagarzekje says:

    Very interesting interview! What a pity that the sound is not in order (one of the channels is missing).

  2. Jan Sing says:

    Cell Phone use is possibly carcinogenic to humans!
    The World Health Organisation placed mobile phone radiation in category 2B.

    The Bioinitiative Report have proven mobile cell phones and towers (antenna’s)
    as  being hazardous and harmful for human health.
    The Industry is big and this billion dollar industry that want’s  the people to believe
    that Radiation coming from cell Phones/masts is harmless.

    This is possibly the biggest threat for human health these days.
    Keep your phone at a distance.
    Distance is your friend!
    Use a headset (wired)

  3. F. Yo. Couch says:


  4. ElectricSense says:

    Prof Lai has done some awesome research on EMFs….the link between cell phone radiation and cancer is undeniable….this year the U.S. National Toxicology Program published the world’s largest study of its type on this question, costing $25 million a very close association was found between cell phone radiation and brain tumours.