Tech of the Year: Smartphones!

The Best Smartphones of 2015. Enjoy!
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12 Days of TLD!

2015 was an amazing year for smartphones but the 3 which stole the show for me were the Nexus 6P, iPhone 6s Plus and Moto X Pure!

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20 Responses to Tech of the Year: Smartphones!

  1. MiniDunnyTV says:

    I've got the 6P and I absolutely adore it!

  2. S.M Taha says:

    What about Samsung S6 Edge and S6 Edge Plus

  3. Mel Zemourit says:

    One problem… all too fucking BIG!!!

  4. Purushotam Mehra says:

    wat about mi 4i

  5. kaan kk says:

    What is the lamp behind?

  6. LeoMer Padolina says:

    i think lg v10 should be in the list.

  7. Vijay Kriplani says:

    GIvemethat macbook man …

  8. daan apenstaartje says:

    what game where you playing on the iphone 6??

  9. med bouchi says:

    what game was that?

  10. jignesh sd says:

    which Game you were playing on Moto?

  11. Brian de Anda says:

    C*mon no note 5…?!? Nope list is incomplete sry…

  12. royal dutch toiletpaper says:

    where is the dishwasher (like if you get the reference)

  13. Cubophilia says:

    What game was that on the iphone

  14. barsason1 says:

    what game is that on the moto x?

  15. Anas Khan says:

    Whatever it is
    My faverite
    Moto X Style

  16. The Beast says:

    iphone 6 is shit no built in wireless charging

  17. Rebecca Sam Kurian says:

    s6,s6edge plus,s6edge,note5 can destroy the moto x.
    also blackberry priv is just awesome.
    I agree with 6p and 6s but moto x …..

  18. Engineer 庄熙龙 says:

    No mention of 3D Touch?

  19. Jesse McClure says:

    the flagship killer really got killed last year.

  20. Gaming Comic says:

    I feel like the spot for the Moto X Pure couldve gone to the Note 5.