Teen, distracted by cell phone, hit by Amtrak train

Teen, distracted by cell phone, hit by Amtrak train

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Eighteen year old Brittney Silva was walking down busy Hesperian Blvd in San Leandro, California and hit by an Amtrak train at a railroad crossing. She couldn’t hear the oncoming train due to the earbuds she was wearing.

Around 5:55pm Monday, Britney was listening to music when she received a text message. She became embroiled in an argument with her father, and shut the world out around her, becoming oblivious to the danger speeding towards her.

Another pedestrian tried to get her attention, but Brittney wouldn’t take her attention off the cellphone. Her mother warned her to only put one earbud in at a time, so she could hear the world around her, and offered a warning to other children to do the same.


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49 Responses to Teen, distracted by cell phone, hit by Amtrak train

  1. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin says:

    girl: mom, i’ve been hit by a train

  2. Jake Gib says:

    she even took a selfie with that stupid pucker face pose all the millenials are doing now! LOL

  3. cam newton says:

    thwts right by my house

  4. KelevraSXT says:

    Sad but this is a case of Darwinism.

  5. padmakumarreddy yanamala says:


  6. Drew Smith says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA GOOD! Stupid cunt. Darwin award and the world is better off without this loser further polluting the gene pool.

  7. Edel Man says:

    Natural selection

  8. sk & Asia says:

    Let me guess she was playing Pokemon go

  9. Criss Something says:

    I dont get whats with teens that dont look ahead since they cant hear a thing.
    I jog with my headpones but I never take my eyes off the road and when I am near a intersection/crossing or a train passage I take my headpones off.
    Its a shame people have to die for that much lack of attention.

  10. AidanPlaysGame,ReactingToVideo HD says:

    the daughter did not listen to the mother. hey girl. next time. do what ur mom say. put one plug in.

  11. DPOWERBEN Int. says:

    Thats what my mom says to me about my earphones

  12. Alejandro Elizalde says:

    I know where those exact train tracks are at.

  13. harderizbetter4me says:

    The Ear Buds blasting music has nothing to do with ere getting run over by a fast movinf train…if you look at the video she was looking and texting while walking; when you are looking down doing this with your phone you are liable to get hit by vehicle or bumped into somebody. I see this happening everyday and yet some people are so distracted they don’t what is coming in from or the side of them, even if their life is about to end.

  14. ramivalencia says:

    I feel bad for those who had to witness this girl getting her brains bashed in by a train. That’s all.

  15. BEN JAMMIN says:

    THIS IS BULLSHIT. I want to see the actual video.

  16. Bibi Alli says:

    Amtrak kill 18

  17. Thatguyy75 says:

    She deserves it, but Amtrak is passenger not freight god damn it

  18. H u g o H e p w o r t h says:

    Those r some strong ass earphones

  19. chuckufarly5 says:

    amtrak doesnt haul freight tho…..and the girl wasnt important anyways. if you shut the world out as youre going through it liek that then expect to have something happen….

  20. BornToRunBarefoot says:

    I’m not convinced/ This video looks fake.

  21. bunny fish says:

    nature weeding out the stupid

  22. James Roy says:

    That’s stupid women, they are all glued to their phones and they deserve w/e they get.

  23. TreinenNederland says:

    since when is amtrak freight?

  24. Turtel mcguire says:

    Just cuz I like trains doesn’t mean this SHOULD BE IN MY RECOMMENDED


  25. Terry Rodbourn says:

    She is a Darwin Award nominee! 🙂

  26. rohan sarkar says:

    parents are always right

  27. Brian Johnson says:

    You should show it and "maybe" teach the rest of the morons a leason

  28. Mohammad Adam says:

    If what’s depicted here is absolutely correct as happened, that guy waving hands could have saved that dumbo, but it requires a lot of courage.

  29. Fknrage913 0 says:

    Another one bites the dust.

  30. boog567 says:

    Is the train OK ?

  31. 1223333nbahal says:

    Wow. She’s such a retard.

  32. steve STAR says:

    Good !!! Fuck her.

  33. sexyloser says:

    Her friend should have thrown a shoe at her face instead of screaming.

  34. ModernForever says:

    i noticed a mistake. at the beginning it says "Distracted Teen Hit by a freight train" When in the middle of the video it starts to say She was hit by an amtrak passenger train

  35. Michigan Milita says:

    Poor dumb cunt. One less ignorant slut.

  36. dipac sharna says:


  37. brazillo19 says:

    This is what disobedience causes – DEATH! She looks like a rebellious fool, and now she paid with her lousy flesh.

  38. Set Afire says:

    did she dieded ?

  39. Ghost Recon says:

    people are just dumb now these days no common sense

  40. Master Chief 00117 says:

    Screw hearing. She must be on drugs. As the ground shakes like an earth quake….

  41. Aleksa Simic says:


  42. CSX Trains 43 says:

    Ahhhh did he say freight train amtraks are passenger trains

  43. KellyAnn McGregor says:

    Stupid cunt

  44. HighSkiez says:

    I’m so confused. How could she not hear a train and a person yelling at the exact same time?

    Word of advice for everyone. Never ever walk around outside with headphones on.

  45. Kamuy1337 says:

    Darwinism at work. The gene pool is improved.

  46. TheWaynelds says:

    Wow, this HAS to be a joke! How… why… WHAT?!?!?!