The 4 Dollar Android Smartphone

So it sounds like Adcom (company featured in this video) may sue the company manufacturing the 4 dollar version. If you visit the website for the Freedom 251 you’ll see an exact replica listed at a far lower price. I’m not sure they’ll ever be able to deliver at that price, others are skeptical as well. Starting to sound like a bunch of these went out the side door at the Adcom factory.

More info on the Android phone…

That $4 smartphone is sketchy as hell

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19 Responses to The 4 Dollar Android Smartphone

  1. Mukul says:

    This Phone: 4$
    It's Cover: 4$
    It's Screen Guard: 2S

  2. Blah Bleh says:

    This IS too good to be true.
    A quick google search reveals that this budget phone is being sold for around 3600 indian rupee's, that's around 54 dollars.
    And I'm sure this misleading prick knows it too.

  3. Thomas5020 says:

    With the food i got for lunch today i could've had probably 2 of these

  4. Dayshon Hurtt says:

    where could you buy one?

  5. True Pontiac says:

    Maybe this phone snatches your info or something?

  6. Colin Silver says:

    Some poor little Indian girl did us a solid again, huh?

  7. Dan does Youtube says:

    doesnt he look like vsauce

  8. Rutish Halbe says:

    I love it when he says "It's the knock off, that got knocked off…… (And his awesome expression)"

  9. CosmosRuler says:

    The people who brought this phone to the market wanted to give phones to the poor(wanted to do social service) and to get global attention and also to make good phones at a cheaper price than the Chinese. However the big companies sued them bcoz if they sell at that low prices ,the big companies would suffer major losses.

  10. bright light says:

    kind of a paid review…

  11. McShweezy says:

    how do ppl see a dual sim card slot feature in the western/developed markets????????
    Is it reminiscent of being a cheap feature altogether??

  12. Disabler says:

    somethings not right. maybe the phones r dipped in plague or somethin..

  13. Clash With yu-nesH says:

    yeah i will bye this phone for my dog

  14. Mustafa A. says:

    wow! atleast better than iPhone for 4$. LEARN SOMETHING FROM THEM, APPLE!!!

  15. emi nem says:

    That moment when you realise that the memory card costs more than your phone -_-

  16. SEBASTIAN MIU says:

    it cost 4$?

  17. Jyotishman Sarma says:

    they are still to be made here, known as Freedom 251. First day, servers were down after 6 mins of opening. The idea is mass production to reduce costs.

  18. HitManHey says:

    Goes to show what shit you are paying $800 for… lucky to get even one sim slot these days never mind two.