The American Town Banning Cell Phones and Wi-Fi

The American Town Banning Cell Phones and Wi-Fi

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Green Bank, West Virginia hosts the world’s largest radio telescope to search for aliens. It’s also a sanctuary for people who believe electromagnetic fields are harmful.

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20 Responses to The American Town Banning Cell Phones and Wi-Fi

  1. TheFrenchfries007 says:

    The research they are doing in this area is so important! They should fine anyone using devices that could transmit waves. One $5000 would stop this activity immediately.

  2. Sergey Antonov says:


  3. Yawning Gull says:

    I am closed minded to think it's not a disease? I just looked it up and there is a lot of evidence that shows that it's not even real or caused by electromagnetic sources. There were studies done on alleged sufferers that sowed that when they were blindfolded, they experienced no symptoms! I have some very good reasons to believe that it is all in your head!

  4. Sammy Zanda says:

    So, how does she use her computer in the back on the room? What can you do without wifi?

  5. Khan Piesse says:

    They should evict people that have WiFi modems in their houses, if they want that type of technology they should move to civilization. Scientific research is more important.

  6. Tammie Miller says:

    They were driving thru town in the mans truck and detected at least 50 wifi connections. Those people should be ticketed,fined and at worst, jailed! They are living there with stipulations and they knew it going in and it's unacceptable that they are getting away with sabotage.

  7. floozyish says:

    that telescope is a total fucking waste of money, the nerds got a new toy, yay!

  8. SCRX rAndoMGuY (Lachlan Baker) says:

    and do it somwhere like death valley or australian dessert

  9. SCRX rAndoMGuY (Lachlan Baker) says:

    we need phones to communicate dumbasses

  10. SCRX rAndoMGuY (Lachlan Baker) says:

    everyone will move out exept those cunts that came up with this i cant explain how stupid it is. utterly stupid cowardly, dumb , idiotic, done by cunts. fuck your fucks idiots

  11. Kacey says:

    I really want to live in a place kind of like this. I want to w live some what off grid life style. I am a vegan and a minimalist so I think a simple life style would be perfect for me.

  12. the gamer star wars says:

    uneducated! really people so you say that that people are dume because thay say that you can't get sick from radio waves Sher you might get a head ache but not enough to vomet from having a 2 min conversation on the phone.

  13. janey “jane” rekats says:

    im moving

  14. Robert Mertz says:

    Isn't the whole point of this place to not interfere with a giant electromagnetic wave coming out if the satellite? If so, why do those people with the electromagnetic sensitivity feel better there?

  15. SilicalNZ says:

    Great video, "They are uneducated, they are close-minded and they are selfish" pans to a bible <3

  16. Johnny James says:

    A bunch of so called liberals/progressives were salivating looking at the title and were getting ready to jump in with all their cliches and stereotypes and regional prejudices. "Those people are just so backwards . . ." SCREEECH!!!! Hold on, pumpkins! It's that way for a reason.

  17. miguel contreras says:

    4:10 she says that having a mac in the back

  18. aser mostafa says:

    I am not denying that they're condition's existence. But stating that other people's opinions (which maybe facts) make them uneducated, is total bull! And have you ever thought that these people are looking beyond what the medical files say?? And there have been people who convinced themselves they are blind, so you could just as easily convince yourself that these waves are harmful to you. Once again I am not denying the condition's existence, I am simply stating that people who think that way are not necessarily uneducated.

  19. T says:

    If I had to guess the government came in and stole all the land that the guy says they own. If so then I would use wifi all I wanted. It would be different if they moved their after, but they wouldn't let people stay there if they hadn't stole the land. You can't tell me that they couldn't have found somewhere with no pre existing establishments.

  20. Grey Moon says:

    I like these small stories so much, I can know more about American culture and people, thank you seeker daily for the stories.