The Best Gaming Phones of 2016!

Welcome to our Top 5 Best Gaming Smartphones of 2016. This list contains all the 2015-2016 Phones listed below, which we believe have the Best value for money Gaming Performance:

Acer Predator 6
Samsung Galaxy Note 7
Moto G4
HTC 10
Xiaomi Redmi Note 2

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19 Responses to The Best Gaming Phones of 2016!

  1. Winter 冬 says:

    RIP note 7

  2. Eclipse_PvP - Minecraft & More says:

    isn't the acer a tablet?

  3. Josiah Turner says:

    the iPhone 7 plus, stereo speakers, one of the BEST cameras on the market, and the most powerful processor in a phone (BLOWS AWAY THE NOTE 7 AND S7)

  4. Flick Simpson says:

    this video will be so funny in 2020

  5. jeff van der ven (jeff recordings) says:

    one ini mini little thingy it's not so big but….m the note explodes so it's nice for war games lollololo

  6. Mini-anthrax says:

    199€ and 1.21GHz. good phone?

  7. Jovian Heng says:

    How about the Sony z5 premium? It has a 4K 5.5inch display?

  8. Mike Marks says:

    acer making a phone wtf has the world come to

  9. Sir Dunk Mail says:

    But the note 7 explodes

  10. Steven Fields (The retro man) says:

    The predator is tablet not a phone

  11. Legend Gaming says:

    Love the video, but the note 7 won't be doing much gaming

  12. Krishna Das says:

    RIP Note 7

  13. Blimmo D. Clown says:

    Ah, the Note 7. Which will go down in history as the Ford Pinto of smart phones. Now if you drive around in a Ford Pinto with a Note 7 would that make you some kind of suicidal action hero?

  14. Nakarta Live says:

    hahah bull shh

  15. Sam says:

    or the Mi 5? <3

  16. Richard Rampersad says:

    No .2 has ExPlosive quality , huh , hueh ??, see what I did there?!, no ??

  17. The Unknown One says:

    Number 2 Was A Mistake

  18. Zero says:

    disliked the video because your people are scammers.

  19. Bacon and Eggs Gaming says:

    Can it run Minesweeper?