The Best of CES 2018 (Pt 1)

The Best of CES 2018 (Pt 1)

SAMSUNG VL 5 SPEAKER · Features a Magnetic Dial that Sticks to and Magnetic Surface · Control Volume and Sound · Samsung’s AKG VL5 includes 3 5″ Woofers and 2 tweeters · Enjoy 24/7/365 ADT Professional Monitoring services · Connect with hundreds of compatible SmartThings devices with the APP FUSION TREK PHONE SIGNAL BOOSTER BY SURECALL · First Time – Eliminates the need for any Cables/Antennas outside the Vehicle · Install is easy, Mount the Booster to your Rear window or Rear Deck · Cell Phone Must be secured against the Cradle. Magnets are provoded · Boosts signal for all North American carriers AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint · Unlike you’re phone bill, it’s a one time fee. KIDS CONNECT GPS TRACKER & CELL PHONE · World’s first 4G GPS Tracker Phone for kids · Parents Control All Incoming & Outgoing Numbers · Geo-fencing – keeps child within certain area · SOS Button for emergencies · Touch Screen · Voice Monitoring — Send a Text to hear the surroundings · Keep your kids safe & in touch iDerma PHOTO THERAPY FOR FACE · Youth Restoring Masque for Home use · Uses Low Level LED’s · Celebrities often talk about the benefits of Low Level LEDs for Beauty · A wearable home-use phototherapy device for a number of skin-related conditions including, wrinkles, acne, hyper-pigmentation, age spots, etc. · One 10 minute segment per day 3 times per week

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  1. mikemoair says:

    Happy Birthday Jimmy Page and ROLL TIDE #1