The Best Smartphones – Mid-2016!

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The best phone depends on what you care about most. Here is a list of devices for things such as best camera, best design, and more.

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Galaxy S7 Review:

Galaxy S7 Edge Review:

Galaxy Note 7:

OnePlus 3 Review:

iPhone 6s Review:

Nexus 6P Review:

Nexus 5X Review:

HTC 10 Review:

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19 Responses to The Best Smartphones – Mid-2016!

  1. sirThinkALot says:

    Is there no love for the Axon 7 whatsoever? :(

  2. Ahmad Jabaren says:

    Kinda let down because LG G5 is not on this list
    Many people say G5's camera is better than the S7's or S7 Edge's (Beside the slow motion, its amazing on the S7)

  3. Leo MC says:

    The iPhone 6s has 9 bands more than the Nexus 6P, so it is a better international phone.

  4. axDIMD PLAYRZxz says:

    You should make a new one for the camera, iPhone 7 plua

  5. John Castro says:

    lol. best build iphone? it doesnt even feel premium compare to htc m8 up.

  6. Adrián Krnáč says:

    Note 7…6….5….4…..3…..2…..1 BOOM

  7. Naail Ashraf says:

    which one is better iphone SE or nexus 5x?


    there is no good phones for 2016 its all bull shit

  9. Baku Razin says:


  10. Andy Casbo says:

    note7 is the mother fucker of 2016

  11. Ben Law says:

    htc 10 does not have stereo speakers

  12. Ryan Salao says:

    3:03 – it's really rare to see Armin van Buuren's Embrace in public. Or anywhere, for that matter.

  13. Dick Jones says:

    LMAO iphone best build quality??? Your on drugs. The screen is stacked on top of the phone so if you drtop it. it BREAKS. Your a retard. The nexus 5x is a runner up???? Its a pile of shit. Look at all the problems people are having with it, let alone the TERRIBLE specs and performance. Iphone last you 2 years? LMAO you got dropped on your head as a child. This is the worst video i have ever watched LOL

  14. Tomek Tabaka says:

    just swapped my iPhone 6s for a gold platinum Samsung Galaxy s7. so far I'm pretty impressed

  15. Lu G (Travailier) says:

    How about a "best battery (usage time)" category?
    That was the main reason I switched to the Samsung Galaxy Note series a few years back …but several other phones have started giving us just as good, if not better, batteries.

  16. BisayaBoii says:

    Most durable phone is always android phones with gorilla glass. Every iPhone user I see breaks their screen within a year or earlier. Gorilla glass phones are indestructible with screen protector and case.

  17. MrTungtarung says:

    No Huawei ??

  18. Richard Powell says:

    Cover which phone will still run smoothly down the line. I've had Galaxy devices in the past that go to complete shit after a few months

  19. Ryan T says:

    top 3 phones for longevity, the 2 years category?