The Evolution of Mobile Phones

The Evolution of Mobile Phones
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18 Responses to The Evolution of Mobile Phones

  1. FarmYard Gaming says:

    Some of these are so weird. Call 'em phones even though half of them are the size of keyboards.


  2. Sunrise Village says:

    THe view into the future looks so funny
    So inspired by those old phones its cutee

  3. shiny evee says:

    anyone watching in 2016

  4. mes serie back To school!!! says:

    dsl c de la merde

  5. Fighting Game Archive says:

    2001 was truly the wild west of the decade.

  6. osfirsttimer says:

    the n95 has java and flash so its even better than todays phones

  7. Mastercard says:

    i just so wanted to smash all of those nokia phones.

  8. Idan O'Reilly says:

    I miss 2001. People had cell phones when necessary, but still limited minutes – so you hear everyone's personal conversations in the store, and people still gave you their full attention instead of using it for social media.

  9. JDM says:

    Ничего не изменилось,Iphone 3Gs по прежнему покупают :D

  10. Chester Almeria (-ChesterXD) says:

    I just realized… This was uploaded 8 years from now

  11. FlameGaming says:

    2:54 closest thing to now

  12. FlameGaming says:

    2:45 windows XP

  13. 240pixel says:

    Everything changed when the I-people attacked

  14. GeekMaster59490 says:

    mr kinowski nous l'av montrer en 5e en techno

  15. Dildobike_ says:

    2016 anyone?

  16. Mohammed Usman says:

    none of the future exists till date