The Future Of Cell Phones

The Future Of Cell Phones

This video log is for my Information Systems class at Cornell University. It is a visionary project which analyzes the role of social shaping on the development and designs of cell phones in the future. Enjoy!

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4 Responses to The Future Of Cell Phones

  1. Oscar Perez says:

    I meant blackberry

  2. ChickenFingers451 says:

    Omg you look so skinny compared to now.

  3. Oscar Perez says:

    Dude that girl that said technology in front of her face-that’s Google Glass!!!

    Some people thougt that black was going to lead the way-wrong!!

    That guy that mentioned webcams-Almost all new phones come with front facing cameras

    When that other girl mentioned GPS- now it is impossible to find a phone without GPS and nav

    And Ryen is so skinny,now he’s all buff and stuff

  4. Weightlifting Ninja says:

    Wow we are in the future. Now we have smartphones, iPhones, and androids. Look at those flip phones though 1:35