The Future of Smartphones!

The Future of Smartphones!

We’ve already seen the incredible pace of growth within the smartphone industry, but what will the smartphone be like in the future? Let’s check out the possibilities!

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1. RUDDYP – Wait4Me
2. Bondax – You’re So (Star Slinger Remix)
3. LASERS – Seed
4. Bearface – MXTHERBXY
5. KAASI – Tell Me
6. WE TRUST Time (Better Not Stop)
7. Just S.T.R.E.S.S. – For The Love I Gave To You
8. Tom Misch – The Journey
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20 Responses to The Future of Smartphones!

  1. Silver Hoof says:

    free market hasnt existed for years

  2. Joseph170 says:

    i wonder if someday the difference from gaming on your pc, vs ur smartphone will just be the platform.. like xbox vs playstation

  3. Thomas Kaldahl says:

    Phone cameras will eventually map individual photons instead of group of them like we do today


    cool video man

  5. CockatooDude says:

    Finally someone brings up graphene sheet batteries.

  6. FuRyEU says:

    Laptop, Desktop, Phone and Tablet all in one.

  7. Frederick Lasch says:

    We can't build a tree, we can't build a bird

  8. Oleg Bezman says:

    The futrure is great but the present is cardboard vr :)

  9. 16patie says:

    what is your take on some of the rare metals which mobiles are built with? Could all technology see a downfall because of the lack of natural resources?

  10. Barry Monroy says:

    I just find it crazy that these smartphones are LIFE'S remote control now.

  11. Superb Vids says:

    Dagogo ur are just awesome..

  12. Tristan Quioco says:

    S7 ad appeared before this video

  13. Astumed Gaming and more ! says:

    I think smartphones will be turn to VR glass

  14. ANONYMOUS 4 says:

    What was the assasin creed game ?

  15. KD12 lo says:

    it's the g5

  16. Gully Hahlbohm says:

    OMG he's black!!!!

  17. iHSÁN 9T3 says:

    always very informative videos … love U man…nice work .

  18. Harvey Sandhu says:

    Good job always on your videos I am sure it takes a lot of hard work to gather the information thanks for sharing this video… Can you please make a video on how big is Costco wholesale?

  19. Mikel Amundarain garangou says:

    how it is called the phone in the minute 2:50?

  20. Ian Mcdowell says:

    Neon tetras live in rivers and streams
    in south america. That didn't look like any of those things.