The Secret Life of Cell Phones – A Project of INFORM, Inc.

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Where do old cell phones and mobile devices go when you recycle them? Why should you take those phones out of your sock drawer and take them back? What toxins are in a typical cell phone? How much gold and silver is in a cell phone? How do I recycle my cell phones and mobile devices?

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19 Responses to The Secret Life of Cell Phones – A Project of INFORM, Inc.

  1. Adrián Alcón Żurawka says:

    Hey, if you like retro cell phones you should visit my channel 😉
    *Good video man

  2. David Lam says:

    Doing this for school lol

  3. djlau1 says:

    idont throw them away i colect old cellphones as a hobby :))) i have around 193

  4. Gabest'sChannel says:

    me too.

  5. Gabest'sChannel says:

    me too.

  6. Emjay Club says:

    How is this our fault? You sale the product, but fail to think where you can put it, then point fingers at the buyers. cellphone companies make billions use 2% of that to get rid of 'em probably, but greed in every rich humans prevents this.

  7. Sergio Prado says:

    Fuckkk that just trow it to the trash.

  8. Qiraati Quranic Learning Channel says:


  9. zabidi59 says:

    at 3.26…."There is enough GOLD in 200 cell phones to make a GOLD RING".

  10. TigerKirby215 says:

    I never knew that all phones could be recycled, just specails ones. (Derp)

  11. AceRiding says:

    mine was passed down from my sister mine is like 4-5 years old!!!

  12. Mamahnita Combs says:

    i use to use my old cell as a phone book but late I've sold them back to the carrier to take money off my bill.

  13. cashAphone says:

    we have the same problem in australia, we have not been able to convince retailers to offer a recycling / trade-in Programs. so instead we have done it alone with advertising direct to mobile phone customers.

  14. L Bostitch says:

    I'm so bad with taking care of my cell phones, I go through them like crazy. I pretty good at recycling them, sometimes I sell them back to the carrier store

  15. reversephonedirector says:

    I've had a lot of phoning trouble. This should be good.

  16. tubosolinas says:

    Reuse is the highest form of recycling…

  17. WHYWHYWHY says:

    In the past 12 years I have had 3 phones I don't understand why some people have so many problems with them I think the problem is somewhere between their head and their hand.

  18. Mariko Kurama says:

    I wish more people knew!

  19. RecoveryTTA says:

    Yes some people have no idea that there cell phones or electronics can be recycled. The cost of company to recycle these is high as well. Profit has to be within volume of cellphones collected.