The T-Mobile Dance

The T-Mobile Dance

Watch the moment Liverpool Street Station danced to create this special T-Mobile Advert.

Life’s for sharing.

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47 Responses to The T-Mobile Dance

  1. K Russell says:

    Best flash mob EVER!

  2. Lia Rojo says:

    Someone give me a list of the songs, por favor!

  3. Neeja 665.9 says:

    I love this commercial. Never said that before, except about the Budweiser immigration commercial.

  4. Faurk Mei says:

    That old man about to get down at 0:51

  5. Haley Gabrielle says:

    This made me so happy I started dancing lol!

  6. Sir NIGEL FARAGE says:

    Life’s for wanking.

  7. annaaan says:

    0:58〜 what this song?

  8. Gina Parry says:

    LOL Mash pertata man is epic

  9. SeopTheLittleGiant says:

    7 years later, the most famous surname in England is still Muhammad

  10. sweetprincess Andrea says:

    I was there

  11. Joachim Lorenz says:


  12. Sebizzar says:

    The last song should’ve been the symphony one 🙂 But yeah, AMAZING and one of the very first well thought out flash mobs.

  13. Scooter Queen says:

    God I love this still!

  14. robinson1on1 says:

    This makes me so happy!!!

  15. Tom Conti says:

    Hi there, I am very new here on this & posted my very first music video. Really appreciate some comments. Thank you

  16. Doug Celeste says:

    The first and BEST flash mob dance and bunch of songs I have ever seen!!!

  17. Herng Khaw Kai says:

    A lot of people lost their trian

  18. 毛睿 says:

    That thing we can do without classes, stage,race,nationality and age, harmony and surprising

  19. Khan Umar says:

    I love England with my all heart and i can die for from pakiatam

  20. Jane Myers says:

    This is great! Wow!
    Do this MORE!

  21. Joyce Fuqua says:

    Too Kool!!

  22. Violet Crawley says:

    Back when flash dances were still kind of original lol

  23. Debsy Opperman says:

    These older ladies were totally priceless. Thankyou T Mobile. Great stuff

  24. Donald Thompson says:

    is this the best advert ever?

  25. sistagirl says:

    I thought about this and had to watch it again! It’s so cool, but the people’s phones look SO dated now! Technology moves so fast!

  26. dumplings1997 says:

    God I love flash mobs so much. The collective effort and enjoyment of people working together go create something unforgettable is amazing.

  27. っぴ says:


  28. Doug Celeste says:

    BEST flash mob I have ever seen!!! So well done and lots of fun!!! I wish I was there.

  29. Christian Dettke says:

    der typ bei 1.40 zu geil

  30. Jack Anderson says:

    this was shit

  31. Doug Celeste says:

    This was the FIRST flash mob dance I ever saw and still the BEST!!!!!

  32. The Venetian Harper says:

    Oh man, seeing people join in one by one gives me chills. I don’t know why, seeing it all come together looks so cool.

  33. Lucia Darazova says:

    This is one of the best 2:41 one can watch when in foul mood XD <3

  34. Haley Gabrielle says:

    This made me so happy I started dancing lol!

  35. NelsonClick says:

    What affect will Brexit have on all this verve and energy? Time will tell. Not much time needed because changes happen faster in a global world. Hmm…I got on my eye on you Britain. You better stay on the straight and narrow or it’s curtains! You hear me? Curtains! (insert evil laugh here)

  36. M Alpa says:

    이게 뭐야ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 신나잖아?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  37. T D says:

    You can come together en masse to shill for a god damned telecom company, but not to throw the sand-nigger terrorists out of your country. Nice.

  38. Jordan Gothica says:

    I had to watch this in school
    no regrets

  39. Mariano Garcia says:

    Did this advertisement generate any sales?

  40. Patiala Pegh says:

    The guy at 1:38 is hilarious

  41. How can a train be lost? It's on rails. says:

    song at 1:22?

  42. nirvanafan7895 says:

    Wow! The crowd really loves Kool and the gang!

  43. Micidami says:

    2016: allahu akbar! *boom*

  44. John Franco says:

    2 girls on 0:40 <3 hot like them !