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  1. 병동순 says:

    fakin lucky

  2. MissCMcCafferty says:

    You got to think of it like this~

    he is a youtuber, YouTube is owned my Google
    he's very successful in YouTube~ this box is like a work bonus (very generous bonus)

  3. Savvy Kapam (SavageMinecrafter) says:


  4. Savvy Kapam (SavageMinecrafter) says:

    Title:"Technology noob gets a ton of stuff which most tech-savvy hackers/programmers would have wet dreams over"

  5. Govardhan Mane says:

    holy shit this is google's marriage proposal to you.

  6. Dharnesh Ramachandran says:

    how much did you spend for that thing man ????

  7. naraki rai says:

    this is LITERALLY my dream!

  8. Franzhugo 2 says:

    fucking awesome

  9. Fast Flyer says:

    He gets a Nexus phone and he's like: Ok, it's pretty cool

  10. JS15! - Agario and more says:

    the figures and the card isn't on the store

  11. Jathaved Pasham says:

    it is a-sus

  12. Jathaved Pasham says:

    Thats not how you pronounce asus

  13. Jan Kenneth Ilagan says:

    now im jealous

  14. Saša Bogdanov says:

    Would never buy any of these things. No need…

  15. ‫محمد السقا‬‎ says:

    i like the watch and wireless speaker.

  16. ‫محمد السقا‬‎ says:

    google i need one like that

  17. RUS says:

    Well you are very lucky. I am disliking this video because I am jealous.

  18. NegativeZero says:

    Funny part is some people have to save for those things