Things I Hate About (Smartphones).

Smartphones have taken over the world,
and all of us are addicted to them.
But sometimes, smartphones and people with smartphones can get super annoying.
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11 Responses to Things I Hate About (Smartphones).

  1. sweta naik says:

    meghna Di dis video was juz amazing..all d points uh shared were similar to mine.. I just love you like hell❤

  2. Aarhisreshtha Mahanta says:

    how do u get to be so cute

  3. Bollywood Lakshmi says:

    Same here :D

  4. Utkarsh Srivastava says:

    I can see your pimple

  5. Chaitanya Kanwar says:

    you are also looking gud in having a pimple

  6. Naman Singhai says:

    just loved it!

  7. suraj broadcast says:

    Like your way of waying in the end

  8. Manushree Chakravarthy says:

    She trouble maker !!! 90 chats omg

  9. Mandeep Kaur says:

    u r jst amazing. ..I love ur videos ♡♥♥

  10. Milioni Shah says:

    Why does your eye look small

  11. Devina Sharma says:

    No I can't see it on ur chin at ol..because u r sooo pretty❤️