Thinnest Smartphone In The World! (Vivo X5 Max)

Thinnest Smartphone In The World! (Vivo X5 Max)

Unboxing and overview of the thinnest smartphone in the world in the Vivo X5 Max. This phone measures in at just 4.75mm thick, beating out the Oppo R5 (4.85mm) for the title of world’s thinnest phone.

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50 Responses to Thinnest Smartphone In The World! (Vivo X5 Max)

  1. amanim71 says:

    Man!! the world of anorexic phones!

  2. Jovanie Perez says:

    Wait since the phone is thin couldn’t it bend in your pocket since it’s thin when you sit down in like skinny jeans ?

  3. ko ko says:

    show that is 4.75mm

  4. Mohit Jain says:

    2k mah battery for 5.5"? wow thats tooo less

  5. SkiNNy says:

    So this phone is about 2 inches thinner than the iphone 7 and still has a headphone jack. Apple said their phone is to thin and can’t incorporate a headphone jack in it, well apple watch this and kys

  6. Malik Crim says:

    Does anyone ever compare you to Unbox Therapy?

  7. jesus hernandez says:

    iPhone looked so bulky compared to the X5

  8. Kris K. says:

    vivo is trying to steal blu’s game, they started the phone case included trend, but they also include a screen protector on every device.

  9. ONLY FOR FUN says:


  10. OmSon says:

    When viewing in sideways it looks like a metal pencil.

  11. Mohammed Ousama BELATAR says:

    הני לא מבין

  12. CharleneAngeline Isip says:

    I just want a edible phone that I cant finish hahah

  13. Aspin Isoe says:

    Now this is not the Thinnest phone in the World. Check out Cubot Cheetahphone which is Claims to be freaking 4.5mm thick. And apart from that, its features are awesome, 3Gb Ram, 32Gb internal memory, 3050Mah Battery, 13MP back camera, Fingerprint sensor, Android Marshmallow etc. Am waiting for it to be available in my country, Can’t wait.

  14. Sho'Nuff, The Showgun of Harlem says:

    Is this thinner than the Vivo Air Lte???

  15. Dominic Mikoleit says:

    Does it have fast charging ?

  16. Milk Man says:

    keep up the good work on what’s good and not so good phone and what’s new.

  17. afro symphony says:

    you did all this review and you couldnt even turn on the phone so we could see the UI, smh what a shitty review….i really dont care if its the worlds slimmest phone if it has a shitty UI am not buying, its as simple as that.

  18. Marko Divkovic says:

    nice tshirt

  19. ploy Bang says:

    clone of oppo R5 HAHAHA

  20. Shahed Rasul says:

    ok need at least 4000mah battery dont care the thin or 9.9 mm but well done vivo.

  21. Kenin Jacob Cherian says:

    not better than vivo v5 plus and costs more for the same quality and less features

  22. 92kosta says:

    World’s thinnest phone and Vivo still managed to jam a hedphone jack onto it.

  23. Ari Kyüt says:

    What price? Because im planning to buy one tomorrow

  24. Nick Salvatore says:

    The whole hype train for these thin phones died like I feel like bezelless displays hype will

  25. quqquqqqu says:

    Actually this phone has the best sound quality with headphone in the world

  26. DjNextLevel Soundz says:

    nah my first impression was damnnn this looks like an iphone

  27. Luca Stronks says:

    Acient Phones
    "I’m not gonna sit here and tell you it is very thin, but it is very thin"

  28. Jerico Castro says:

    how much??

  29. BogdanDorianC says:

    1:06 My first thought went directly to that scene 😀

  30. Koveryl says:

    Another great video from Todd Edwards

  31. Muneer Monangat says:

    and it has a headphone jack!!!

  32. Czek says:

    you didn’t even turn the damn thing on

  33. Julian Henry says:

    does unbox therapy get a new host? xD lol jk nice vid

  34. Zyrus Designs says:

    Lol I came here from Mobile Legends Tournament MSC

  35. Tele Tyga says:

    note 4 is thinner
    can you compare them both?

  36. Clinton Yong says:

    I don’t understand why all the phone companies are trying to make their phone thinner. From Iphone till samsung to this phone. No one ever asks for THIN phones. WE WANT LONGER BATTERY LIFE. LISTEN TO US CAREFULLY!!! Give us a thicker phone with a good battery life. I hate using a battery case or charging my phone twice a day or everyday. A phone that works for 3 days would be something to boast about. Everyone will jump on a phone that would past 3-4days, I don;t ever see/hear anyone saying "oh I’m buying that phone because it’s so thin. WHO cares! Plus a little extra weight make the phone feel sturdy and good quality. The light thin phones, feels CHEAP and flimsy. WHEN WILL THESE COMPANY LISTEN TO US! EVRYONE DOESN"T WANT YOUR SHIT THIN PHONES> WE WANT BATTERY LIFE> BATTERY LIFE> BATTERY LIFE

  37. Antiy Lemon says:

    Im so afraid that this might snap in half while its in my pocket and I will be screaming in agony…

  38. MN Focus says:

    And it still has a headphone jack?

  39. Jose Espinoza says:

    Great review…The biggest advantage I think that everyone should be interested is that you can put a case on it and it will still be slightly slimmer than say most phones.

  40. sebastian alson says:

    plot twist : Oppo and vivo are actually from the same company, BBK Electronics

  41. Cup Cakez says:

    isn’t vivo blu?

  42. sardar khan says:

    come on man you could do better than this.

  43. Shady Potato says:

    Still has a bigger battery than an iPhone

  44. Xavier says:

    Did anyone notice that Cap. America had this phone on Civil War?

  45. Sebastian Delatorre says:

    Rip battery life.

  46. BuddyPs4King says:

    the iphone 7 is thicker than this and doesn’t have a headphone jack while this have one whyyyy???????

  47. Mylene Canaveral says:

    If that phone drop it will surely DESTROY

  48. Mega Savior says:

    2:52 headphones you mean *ear buds* (dumbass)