This New Smartphone Might Surprise You…

This New Smartphone Might Surprise You…

Check out my unboxing of the newly released Honor 6x smartphone. This device will retail for $249

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*This video is sponsored by Honor USA

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47 Responses to This New Smartphone Might Surprise You…

  1. Reflexx eleven says:

    Who came here from Top 15s

  2. The Truth says:

    Oh.. This video is so paid

  3. Ashwin Babu says:

    Solid review. Maybe turn the brightness up on the phone
    Don’t really like seeing all that glare

  4. Cahmi says:

    what’s better Honor 8 lite or this?

  5. BearLionMan says:

    Why TF are we paying over $1000 for our phones if this is possible?

  6. Mark Crane says:

    These are $150 for Black Friday at Amazon.

  7. waldoloko153 says:

    I just bought this phone from Best Buy for $149.

  8. Itz Ameer says:

    watch on my 6x

  9. joseph arnaldo javelona says:

    Hey, make a video ft. Nokia 6

  10. Sarthak Ray says:

    have you seen the xiaomi redmi note 4

  11. james frederick says:

    I don’t get why everyone gets upset at where the finger print scanner location as everyone usually is going to put a case on their investment and with any of the cases I use let’s me find it perfectly without touching anything else

  12. Dhyrin.m says:

    looks like a cheap version of the mate 10

  13. The 3rd Tausk says:

    I’m really in need of a new phone, but there are SO many out now that deciding is so hard. Aye. Price makes it difficult, too.

  14. Ze Best Bagguet GD and Clash Royale says:


  15. Techno Games says:

    Where is jack?

  16. Hemanth Kumar says:

    Coolpad cool one dual

  17. Antichmera says:

    What is his address? To send products.

  18. Nathaniel Taclaoan says:

    I don’t like this phone the screen is not scratch resistant..

  19. mawj bejaoui says:

    Honor 7X just RELEASED !!!!

  20. Kowalskithegreat says:

    just copped this phone on black friday for 150. it’s a great phone for the price, and runs great- the only downside is that rooting it is kind of a pain in the ass, and there aren’t a lot of custom roms- but huawei has said this phone will be getting an oreo update by the end of the yeat which should open more options up with project treble

  21. John ops says:

    I’m going to buy this phone do u still have it I’m switching frome a samsung s5 is it a good switch

  22. Bisam Sapkota says:

    NP Cookie monster, you got it

  23. Seyi Oshin says:

    Hey, there’s this phone I would like you to check if you can, Homtom s16. Funny name, i know. so it online

  24. Good Guy says:

    got it from newegg 150 shipped.

  25. Christian Jareczek says:

    I have an honor 6x

  26. John Catanzaro says:

    I gotta say, I’ve been watching alot of videos on the Honor6, and I really got alot out of yours.. Keep up the good work.. I am now gonna unbox my Honor6, and try it out.. Thx.. JohnCat

  27. Daboon says:

    thank you and Merry Xmas

  28. James Tucker says:

    So I’m about two seconds away from the buy button

  29. Soumya Saha says:

    I am using honor 6x it’s really good

  30. Hassan Chaudary says:

    Same like huawie p8 lite

  31. shimuel einhorn says:

    Best buy is selling this on black friday for just $150!

  32. Sam Strickler says:

    Getting my pixel 2 monday…

  33. Riley and harry mincroft says:

    Too bad they misspelt honour

  34. david gutierrez says:

    I’m writing this review on my Honor 6x and I also say this phone is great. Battery life is superb, screen is beautiful and speed is good.

  35. Fitzgerald awa says:

    can u play csr racing 2

  36. ben stubbski says:

    Better than iPhone

  37. John Samuels says:

    Review the Xiaomi Mi A1.

  38. DeclanPlayz-Minecraft says:

    This phone looks really nice! I bought one today!

  39. Dux& Cone says:

    huawei is the king of low-midrange phones.

  40. Francisca Ramirez says:

    I always thought Jack was a real person

  41. L.oviL says:

    How did you get one with Android 4.3 and EMUI 2.0? It released with Android 6.0 with 4.1, and latest is 7.0 with EMUI 5.0! How?

  42. Craig Miller says:

    I bought this phone after watching this video, and am quite impressed with this phone.

    I connected it to SmartTalk, using a T-Mmobile sim, as the Verizon sim was not compatible. Works great! thanks


    My mom has this phone

  44. youyadensi says:

    Just want to mention, bestbuy has a very good pre thanksgiving deal. Just bought one☺

  45. Rick Grimes says:

    just picked one up last week. man this phone is amazing. can’t beat the price of $150 on Amazon. search no further…

  46. Jeon Zea says:

    which is better?? this or p9??

  47. Bismarck Sibaja says:

    Picked this up for shits and giggles at best buy… Turns out it is my favorite phone now. Better in many ways than my Galaxy S6.
    Great review. Thank you.