Top 10 Best Android Phones to Buy in 2016 | Best Android Smartphones 2016

Top 10 Best Android Phones to Buy in 2016 | Best Android Smartphones 2016

In this video, we will show you our top 10 best android phones to buy in 2016. This video is for android lovers who want to buy the best android device with high quality, high performance, great design and improved battery life. This list include all top brands like Nexus, Samsung, LG, Sony and more.


■ Moto X Pure Edition (00:09)
■ Huawei P9 (01:17)
■ LG V10 (02:31)
■ Xperia Z5 (04:40)
■ HTC One M9 (05:41)
■ Nexus 6P (07:21)
■ Galaxy Note 5 (08:12)
■ LG G5 (10:48)
■ Samsung Galaxy S7 (11:51)
■ Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (11:51)

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20 Responses to Top 10 Best Android Phones to Buy in 2016 | Best Android Smartphones 2016

  1. Сергей Герасько says:

    Фуууууу гавно интро скаченое !

  2. Ashutosh Tiwari says:

    moto G4+ or redmi note 3 or letv 1 s or Asus zenfone 2 laser ( 3gb)………which is best for gaming+camera????

  3. Manu K A says:

    where are OPPO phones

  4. Jasper Valencia says:

    "Some of our precious memories.. happen in the dark…" That line though.

  5. mnx xinoc says:

    Best? This is all high end phone

  6. Mouaid Saadani says:

    Where is iphone 6s

  7. Marilyn Tamonte says:

    Fake The G5 is the Real 1st,Did You Know that the g5 Was Ranked a MWC as Best Handset Phone and the most beautiful phone

  8. Mohammad Shafiq says:

    Xxx vido

  9. Fox F33 says:

    2016 the best is Huawei meat 8…64…4

  10. Saitej Amonkar says:

    did anyone notice they just skipped the second rank?
    wtf is happening?
    I expected Xiaomi Mi5/Mi5 pro on 2nd spot and they skipped that spot only!
    Mi5 is better than Galaxy S7/ S7 Edge at about half its price.

  11. Drake Blazer says:

    why there is not the 6 edge+ by samsung ?!

  12. Hencie Tandon says:

    LG G5 should be on 1 position

  13. DBKofficial says: why did we not mention this?

  14. athul s says:

    i think 6p should have placed in first place. its a better phone than s7

  15. Md Ishak says:

    Nice one.

  16. Daniel Ricardo Beltran Rodriguez says:

    The M9 and the Z5 above the V10? I don't think so no way

  17. sudheer kumar says:

    hi bro…
    can yu tell me the best camera phone with good battery life under 30000

    iam in confusion between Lenovo Vibe X3 / Moto x play / moto x style / htc one me / lg g4

  18. Ali Sadiq says:

    they all similar , no revolutionary.

  19. Domingo Hipulan says:

    WTF! Watching this in Virtual Reality using S7 EDGE …my phone is top of the food chain..

  20. NhOx Kay says:

    why it is htc one m9 but not htc 10