Top 10 Best Smartphones 2016

Hello YouTube Nutorious TechWiz here
The Top 10 best android devices to buy for 2016 is know finally here on my channel.The best android devices with high quality, high performance, great design and improved battery life. This list include all top brands like Nexus, Samsung, LG, Sony and more.

10.Huawei P9 –
9.Moto X Pure Edition –
8.Nexus 6P –
7.LG V10 –
6.LG Stylus 2 Plus –
5.Xperia Z5 –
4.HTC 10 –
3.LG G5 –
2.Galaxy Note 5 –
1.Samsung Galaxy S7 /
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge –

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20 Responses to Top 10 Best Smartphones 2016

  1. Miraj Ahmed says:

    vry nic

  2. sshady911 says:

    whats the phone shown in the pic

  3. Juned Alam says:

    best mobaile hai

  4. manoj thakur says:

    Where is apple

  5. rashid Rashi says:

    like it

  6. hacker anwesh says:

    it must be in no.1

  7. hacker anwesh says:

    hey where is moto z

  8. Kj William says:

    love this video

  9. Rohim Mabrohim says:

    LG ajip bnr

  10. nazz ory says:

    s7 edge best

  11. manjunath jaikumar says:

    one plus 3is the best phone

  12. Elinor Pham says:

    minute sort cite instrument least

  13. Ricardo Ortiz says:

    The lg v10 is a 2015 phone, dumbass.

  14. Nutorious Techwiz says:

    this is an old video so its nit yet updated……i will update it soon

  15. Dhiraj pandit says:

    where is one plus3 ???

  16. Simon Pichler says:

    one spread tell ensure.

  17. 李瑞阳 says:


  18. ARUN SEERVI says:

    wow cool mobiles

  19. TheHRITHIK says:

    intro song????