Top 10 Iconic Cell Phones

These are the personal devices that revolutionized the way we stay in touch – and ruined dinnertime conversation forever. Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Iconic Cell Phones. Suggestion Tool►► Subscribe►► Facebook►► Twitter►► Instagram►► Channel Page►►

For this list, we’re taking a look at the most memorable handsets to improve greatly upon previous models of mobile phone, whether those improvements were in unique functionalities, a particularly memorable design or another area.

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20 Responses to Top 10 Iconic Cell Phones

  1. Fabian Arias Rivas says:

    sony ericsson xperia x10 mini: one of the smallest android handsets

  2. maki pizon says:

    is there anyone selling motorola razr? i am using my iphone but i missed motorola a lot

  3. tuddor69 says:

    nobody will remember the iphone 3g in 10 years, but Nokia 3310 is already a legend!! should have been nr. 1

  4. Nanda HD says:

    razer make a phone lol

  5. Maarten Brans says:

    Where's the Galaxy s6 edge

  6. Stracof Zero says:

    Nokia 1100 its the most memorable for me.

  7. Cristi says:

    make a top 10 of the weirdest mobile phones too!!!!!!!!!

  8. Katherine Waldroop says:

    I had a red KRZR, my brick, until one day it started playing music in the middle of a test and embarrassed the hell out of me, then I upgraded to an LG Env2. I LOVED that phone; it was a bit more streamlined than the Sidekick and had a decent internet browser. I think I had it until 2011, when my boyfriend at the time left it on the tailgate of some truck. It fell off on the highway and ended up in a ditch. Now I don't let anyone borrow my phone, ever.

  9. GamingoNorge ! says:

    If you had that Motorola flip-phone back in the day, dude you were the shit

  10. Aleksandar Trivic says:

    Long story short, Nokia and Motorola made half of the iconic phones on this list :D

  11. Anthony Anderson says:

    I agree with the 3G being #1 but at first I thought it was the iPhone 1st generation being first

  12. keyalpha1 says:

    I disagree heavily. Apple crap is unbelieve in it's unusefulness and where is Nokia E7?

  13. Tri Putra says:

    V3 supposed to be #1 not Iphone 3G

  14. mengomichael says:

    i still own a few of these phones

  15. Dark Soul 99 says:

    Nokia 3310 was the best indestructible phone.No matter how many time u throw won't have any problems..inside nor outside !!!

  16. Neil Crammond 760 442 5533 says:

    I will never own an Apple product

  17. Nemanja Djukic says:

    NOKIA 5100

  18. DanJan09 says:

    #3 dosen't deserve the spot

  19. Joseph Tirado says:

    I'm surprised that Nextel wasn't even mention.

  20. koskey06 says:

    what about the original Droid?