Top 10 Mobile Phones 2016 [Epic Lists]

Top 10 Mobile Phones 2016 [Epic Lists]

Top 10 Mobile Phones 2016! Best Mobile Phones in 2016!
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Be prepared to say goodbye to your current mobile phone.

Technology has gone a long way. Since the creation of home computers, they have gone from being ugly, bulky and taking a whole wall to becoming handheld, sleek and useful devices that everyone can have. The top 10 mobile phones of 2016 are guaranteed to impress you, and bring the innovation you didn’t see in 2015.

Smartphones have largely replaced the good old computer as people’s go-to method of communication, browsing the internet and entertainment.

While 2015 did not bring models that revolutionize the market and make everything else outdated, 2016 will change this entirely. From now on, the real game-changers will come, and you better prepare yourself to change your phone as these new designs will leave you drooling.

Here are the very best smartphones of 2016 as we know it.

10. LG G5
9. Samsung Galaxy S7
8. Xiamoi Mi 6
7. OnePlus 3
6. Oppo Find 9
5. Apple iPhone 7
4. Microsoft Lumia 940
3. Sony Xperia Z6
2. Nokia C1
1. Samsung Galaxy S6 Mini

Did we miss any of your favorite phones in the Top 10 Mobile Phones 2016? Please comment!

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Top 10 Mobile Phones 2016:

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15 Responses to Top 10 Mobile Phones 2016 [Epic Lists]

  1. King Dirk says:

    what phone that is on the thumbnail ??? do anybody knows ??? I'll give u 5$ dollars

  2. Adil Kaka says:

    Sehan wow

  3. Serva Killer says:


  4. Dainan Butler says:

    I don't know why people are asking for thinner phones because thinner phones would mean bigger problems this can prevent bending issues and over heating issues because the would have to make the components be tightly packed to together with would make the CPU acasionaly over heat plus they would have to think of new types of materials to have on their products to stop them from bending so I don't think phones this year a gunna be alot different than they are now it would probably be slightly thinner but don't get your hopes up because if they make phones half the size of a iphone 5 or 6 the phone is gunna be so fragile that they would probably would have to add plastic screens

  5. sakthivel Raji says:

    where the le tv 1s&max

  6. SportsInfoFan says:

    I agree that Samsung and LG are the 2 best. Nice video! :D

  7. sourab mahi says:

    very nice video

  8. Don Braugh says:

    Where the new Moto X?

  9. ThankYouESM says:

    Would be awesome if the were at least written explanations of features as to why those are at the top. Just saying.

  10. Clash Alexx says:

    iPhone 7 won't look like that dumbass

  11. jerry caughron says:

    I would question this list! Note 6?

  12. made a cake c says:

    yeah Samsung galaxy S7 is really cool. i have it. but the white one. its costed us like our lives to buy that XD. i am thinking that with that money that I spent on buying it,I could buy a house in every country on the earth XD cool video douh

  13. top 10(2016-3016) says:

    which video maker u r use for making videos

  14. top 10(2016-3016) says:

    its very nice