top 10 smartphones 2016 under Rs15000/$250, July

top 10 smartphones 2016 under 15000 or top 10 smartphones 2016 in India under 15000 or top 10 mobile phones 2016 under 15000 July/ top 10 smartphones under 0/ top 10 smartphones 2016/ Best Smartphones under Rs15000/0 / best budget smartphone 2016/budget smartphone 2016/top 10 mobile phones 2016/ best smartphones under 300 dollars for July 2016, if that’s what you were searching then you are at the right place. I have prepared a list of top 10 smartphones available in India under Rs 15000 for the month of June/ July onwards. Watch and decide what’s best for you and if you have any queries let me know in the comments section below.
10- Yu Yunicorn
9- Meizu M3 Note
8- Lenovo K4 Note
7- Samsung J7 2016
6- One Plus X
5- Xiaomi Mi 4
4- Motorolla Moto G4 Plus
3- Xiaomi Redmi Note 3
2- LeEco Le 2
1- Lenovo Zuk Z1
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20 Responses to top 10 smartphones 2016 under Rs15000/$250, July

  1. Vinay Sharma says:

    Good info, Dharmendra

  2. Pulkit kokate says:

    guys buy moto best phone

  3. Kumar Raja says:

    Good Job ……….!!!

  4. jamin'Ben Ngaihte says:

    nice…that was good info… anyways could you do a video on smartphone's under 20k?? or just tell me if there's anything worth spending the extra 5k?

  5. sandy sandy says:

    Suggest me a phone whether honor 5c or Samsung J5(2016)?I am very light user of smartphone.I would like to have a phone with long durability…………..

  6. Axgio Virtual Reality says:

    well done!

  7. Sathish Bandaru says:

    what about honor 5c?


    Good one bro !!

  9. Joe Black says:

    It would have been difficult but with these phones, I would have like to know what are their reliability, after care service and warranty is like?
    Motorola UK/Europe use to be completely useless but they are improving now.

  10. Joe Black says:

    Since I purchased Moto G3rd Gen. 2015 XT1541 UK in August 2015, I selfishly, wanted it to be in your review but am pleased that smartphones are becoming better value for money:

    What sensors does the XT1541 UK (similar to XT1550 India version but with only one SIM card and the XT1540 USA version) have and which ones have not been fitted?

    There are 3 different Moto G 4 2016 models I would like to see them compared in detailed with the Moto G 3rd Gen. 2015 model.

    I shall have to watch the video again but I don't think that you stated what were the IP for each phone. It would have been more objective if you actually listed the games and what scores each phone achieved.

    What I don't understand is why the dust-proofing for the Moto G3rd Gen 2015 still hasn't been tested yet, IPX7?X stands for dust-proofing not tested and 7 relates to the waterproofing standard:

    I don't think that you compared the sound (Music) quality between each phone, why not?
    Were the phones optimized for just playing games or were they running other things in the background?
    I don't think that you mentioned the screen display and the camera (photos and videos) qualities in various lighting conditions either, why not?I would have preferred to have been given the sound and pictures and to be able to compare them myself also.
    At times too many important information was being hidden behind you on the video but the video was still very good.

  11. Ali Bro's Softzone says:

    What all quality issues have been in zuk z1….and will it be fixed in time…shall i wait for the fixes…i really want to buy this zuk z1

  12. ajoy varghese says:

    wow, nailed it

  13. Athar Kamal says:

    hey..great video but..can i trust the chinese brands?everywhere i search on google..i find these chinese brands on top but personally i find it hard to trust these..i like xiaomi redmi note 3 but keep ruling it out because its chinese n people say they have bad servicing..plz help (i am a heavy user n camera aint my first priority..gaming n lag/bug free experience is)

  14. ANTONY PIOUS says:

    great review boss

  15. Amerco says:

    thanks for the comparison, great video

  16. Suwash sahani says:

    Is Lenovo Zuk Z1 available in offline market?

  17. manish gupta says:

    Thanks mishra for such an informative video. I Would love to watch more from your quiver.

  18. akhilesh jain says:

    good job

  19. Krishan Das says:

    UP accent….

  20. Nhiranjhan K says:

    Great review bro ,I plan to buy moto x style is it a good device ? as u said it is last year flagship is worth to buy than new device..