Top 10 Smartphones Coming 2016

Top 10 Smartphones Coming 2016

The Best Top 10 Smartphones Arriving in 2016. Details on iPhone 7, iPhone 6C, Samsung Galaxy S7, Note 6 & More!
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20 Responses to Top 10 Smartphones Coming 2016

  1. Zuhair Zuberi says:

    IPhone 7 and IPhone 6C the fuck I'm still here with an IPhone 5S calm the fuck down Apple slow it down

  2. Tyler Fay says:

    I'm fine with my 5s

  3. Christian Paris says:

    On iPhone 7, headphone jack is missing

  4. AirNip says:

    Well my s7 broke after 2 days.. So did my dads.

  5. Alex Mtz says:

    What about to Motorola x 2016

  6. dsacc says:

    how but lenovo

  7. Derrick Huang says:

    I wish that the apple phone had the durability of samsungs phones

  8. Pidgett West says:


  9. Nawal Waheed says:


  10. Child of the Darkstar says:

    I'm going to keep my Nexus 6 for quite some time, there's not a phone at the moment That's impressive enough to make me switch handsets.

  11. Boom PlayzGamez says:

    Thats dumbasf i cant believe apple didnt put fucking HEADPHONE JACK REALLY NIGGA

  12. gun master85 says:

    You can preorder the s7 in att

  13. arron wilner says:

    This obviously makes the iPhone 7 will not be able to compete with or could not stand in line with samsung, depressing.

    and see the regret of the iphone users under them just said "I'm just going to keep using iphone 6s" and some are just commented unclear, unfocused, not in accordance with what is on the video.

    iFags take it your pain, I'm very sorry.

  14. Toxic Green Gaming says:

    The C series for apple is very confusing but I know that the C stands for color

  15. ANNELISE COOKE says:

    I rly want the 6c to come out

  16. powerplayer75 says:

    Phones having 3GB of RAM? My old MacBook has 3GB wtf?

  17. guess who says:

    i hope Apple will release a iPhone 6c/7c

  18. The Redflame says:

    number 1 is Samsung galaxy s 7 edge

  19. Christ is king! says:

    When is the Iphone 7 going to be revealed?