Top 10 smartphones of 2016

The end of 2016 is coming into view, and pretty much all the big phones of the year have launched. The latest arrivals are Apple’s newest offerings, with the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus joining the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, LG G5 and HTC 10 in our list of, frankly, amazing smartphones.

Update: There are three new entries in our 10 best smartphones in the world: congratulations to the Sony Xperia XZ, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Just where have they placed?
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18 Responses to Top 10 smartphones of 2016

  1. Corrosive says:

    I think the G5 should have been above the one+ and HTC 10. Also I think the note 7 and edge should have swapped spots. Other than that, great list overall.

  2. zorkor says:

    Totally agree with the Galaxy S7 Edge on the number one list, best phone I have used. The Edge screen takes a getting used to but everything else on the phone is top notch. The new and safe Galaxy Note 7 should be on the list too. :)

  3. Michelle Cantwell says:

    ZTE Axon 7.

  4. Hassan Jamil says:

    1. iPhone 7 plus
    2. iPhone 7
    3. HTC 10
    4. Xperia xz
    5. Oneplus 3
    6. ZTE axon 7
    7. Galaxy s7
    8. Nexus 6p
    9. Note7
    10. Galaxy s7 edge

  5. Egi Pandana says:

    s7 edge thats ma phone

  6. Ifti Shahriar says:

    s7 edge still all the way up BOYYYYYY

  7. British Bulldog says:

    where's the Motorola play series?

  8. Is it worth it? says:

    iPhone se

  9. Admiral Fusion says:

    The iPhone 7 is NOT waterPROOF. It is waterRESISTANT. 15 centimeters in water doesn't really count.

  10. kc3vv says:

    Almost all of these Phones are far to large

  11. Mathis. Pct says:

    And the p9 ???

  12. Ash Ram says:

    samsung raped the top 5 ranks ,,again

  13. Ash Ram says:

    the 6p is 2015 , glad to see it in this list ,, since the new pixel might probably live to 2017's

  14. Tesco says:

    imo the moto g4 should be on the list, simply because of the price/spec ratio

  15. Sherlan Gittens says:

    what happened to the LG V20??

  16. abhishek mishra says:

    moto g4 plus?

  17. raffay asif says:

    jailbroken iphone 7 plus is a king

  18. Rakibul Hassan says:

    good job