Top 5 Audio Smartphones (of the first half) of 2016!

How our phones handle music and media is often overlooked for more impressive visuals. Playing games or streaming films looks better on camera, but audio is a vital usage feature for many people using mobile devices. Instead of generic personal preference statements, we’re trying to balance more scientific benchmarking against what we think our ears are hearing. For folks wanting the best audio experience on a phone, here’s our top five list (for the first half) of 2016!


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19 Responses to Top 5 Audio Smartphones (of the first half) of 2016!

  1. Akshat Gandhi says:

    What about the Moto X?

  2. Frank Merfalen says:

    Great review! I just switched from I-phone 6S plus to the HTC 10, & agree with you about the audio quality, especially with quality earbuds/headphones! I love this smartphone!!!

  3. Theje says:

    I was about to write off this benchmark as useless until they mentioned Sony's reputation. I figured if my Xperia could do what these phones do, then what's the point? Then I realized that my phone is just that awesome.

  4. Piyush Agarwal says:

    Where is lenovo vibe X3? It has the best DAC on any smartphone, check it out.

  5. Arjun Mody says:

    no 6P?

  6. Vimalan Paul R says:

    hey guys, Lenovo Vibe X3? the have extremely good stereo speakers and a dac headphone port

  7. Edge Iglesias says:

    wherer are highscreen boost 3 and meizu pro 6?

  8. Derp Derp Derp says:

    How about those Chinese-based brands including Vivo, Lenovo, ZTE, ZUK, Meizu, Oppo. I thought they have quality DACs built-in on some of their flagship/phones.

  9. Nikhilesh Bagwala says:

    htc one cant b compared in audio.

  10. KarTiK NaDaR says:

    this guy is taking pocketnow to the next level !

  11. spandan mehta says:

    you could have added nexus 6p for speaker playback

  12. Kirankumar Pyboina says:

    i used IPhone 6s (5months), sony xperia z5 compact(3months) and now using samsung galaxy s7(3months). in terms of Audio SONY is the best. awesome quality and clarity.

  13. Manu Mishra says:

    Top 3
    HTC 10
    Lenovo vibe x3
    Lg V10

  14. Chandans Patil says:

    no Nexus 6p or moto x style ?

  15. mAsOoM kUmAr (alphaGHOST) says:

    at least give reviews without eating money

    …. have u even heard of Lenovo vibe x3 …. that's the best audio out there … yeah almost equal to htc boom sound … just check it out

  16. Tourettes Guy says:

    Not meant to be a fanboy, a troll, or a hate, but I do think Xperias deserve to be here rather than the Priv. The audio playback on the Z5 was amazing. Even Btekt made a comparison of the speakers between the Xperia Z5 Premium and HTC 10, and the batttle was so close that HTC had a hard competition against the Z5. Not to mention that the HTC 10 is on the top place, so I do believe the Z5 can be in the top 5 here and the Priv will just be part of honorable mention

  17. Zyan Khall says:

    just buy S7 dont buy another phone..honestly you dont regret buy S7

  18. vardaan mehra says:

    No nexus 6p. This video is an absolute joke.

  19. Vignesh A says:

    No Lenovo Vibe X3 ??????? what kind of review is this…