Top 5 BEST Budget Smartphones! (2016/2017)

Today we are going to be talking about the top 5 best upcoming budget / cheat smartphones of 2016 and 2017! These phones are the best top smartphones coming to the market and these smartphones are the best budget, cheapest, and high performance smartphones you can buy on the market! In this video MrWhoseTheBoss and I go over the top 5 best upcoming budget phones we believe are the best value and most competitive with smartphones such as the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S7! Enjoy!


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19 Responses to Top 5 BEST Budget Smartphones! (2016/2017)

  1. BeastX says:

    i have a htc desire 655 or sum like tgat

  2. direful says:

    hey guys , I just uploaded a free intro giveaway on my channel! Feel free to enter if you wish!

  3. Sushi Pizza says:

    If you can check us out, we'd appreciate it!

  4. Apokjed says:

    i have a s7

  5. BigT159 says:

    Guys recently I've been getting a lot of dislikes and everyone usually hates in the comments… can anyone help me out?

  6. Kofsta CHD says:

    0:46 Who are into processor nowadays? hmm, everyone?! xD

  7. AlexCFW says:

    promotion wtfffff

  8. TechTranslated says:

    Great collab ziovo!

  9. Viton says:

    can you please do a tutorial video on how to upload in 1080p

  10. Lanz Milay says:

    Fake subs

  11. ARCH says:

    Great collab!! ;)

  12. DaxterGamingHQ says:

    I See Your Using The At2020 Ziovo

  13. UniBuckGT Mc says:

    Were did u found dat tooth brush

  14. Fikri Rahmat says:

    Please, can you tell me editing software for potato laptop/pc???

  15. IT'S ASH says:

    Ziovo please can u do a video of tips on uploading on phones

  16. GazedGaming says:

    i love the combined intros


    Hey man! Which country r u from?

  18. EntityShahi says:

    Hey guys so I made a black ops 3 quickscoping montage would be awesome if you guys checked it out obviousoly you don't have to :)

  19. YK TV says:

    plz give me a shootout