Top 5 BEST Smartphone Cameras

Which 2015 Smartphones have the BEST rear-facing cameras for Photos and Videos? Here are my Top 5 camera smartphones for 2015!

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20 Responses to Top 5 BEST Smartphone Cameras

  1. Arkay Ajay says:

    Which camera is better samsung galaxy s7 edge or the samsung galaxy s6 edge?

  2. DerDickePole says:


  3. PM7Gaming says:

    the actual winner is nexus 6p the reason is simple -larger sensor therefore larger pixels allowing more light per each pixel therefore less grainy images…the only reason why people prefer samsung is there software cranks up contrast and increases sharpness or simply better post processing but for people who actually have knowledge regarding cameras can easily choose the best camera..although i have to say that nexus 6p has worst camera or simplistic approach towards the camera application.

  4. Sameera Kasun says:

    lumia 1020

  5. adnan sharaf says:

    Top 4 for me
    1s6/s6 edge

  6. Boris Nevermore says:

    I am wondering how come you haven't mention one of the best (if not THE best) cameras out there the fantastic Lumia 950/950XL? As i see this video is published a month or so after the official release of those Lumias. Don't tell me you couldn't get one to review it, cuz i am sure you could. Of all of this cameras in the video I think the closest that got to the quality of Lumia 950/950XL is the Galaxy 6S.
    Or you don't do Microsoft/Windows products, cuz as i scroll through your videos i haven't seen one MS/Windows product reviewed by you. Just don't come to me with that, that it is your channel and you will review what you want and if i don't like it, to switch to another channel, cuz that my friend is a sad excuse. I really like your "in your face" approach in your videos and you are one damn good tech reviewer. Cheers.

  7. Jonah Deleseleuc says:

    Why the fuck are you playing soflo cancer theme song

  8. Popcorn X40 says:

    I love those phone skins☺

  9. Gunnar Roddick says:

    Team iphone 6S heeeeerreee!!!

  10. Mazin Bashar says:

    z5 for life.

  11. parth kavi says:

    I think you've not tried lumia 950 and 950xl or lumia 1020 yet.

  12. CliffyJinx says:

    Why isnt my nokia 3310 in the list??? :(

  13. XpressOfLife says:

    yes samsung s6 in the best..

  14. Kenneth raiford says:

    terrible list cause the note 5 has the best camera note phones take better pics then the galaxy s series don't know what u was smoking be4 you made think video

  15. Galaga Forever says:


  16. Marko Savuljeskovic says:

    No lumnia ?

  17. Arbain Sandara says:

    mine is galaxy A3 A300H, its amazing Middle Range for cameras phone haaaahahaah, support FULL HD

  18. Spoder Man says:

    is the nexus 5x good? does it break easily?

  19. Francisco Rivero-Reyes says:

    samsung phone's camera quality only has good quality outside in good lighting or in low light condition with the flash. I know because i had a galaxy s5 for 1 month then switched back to an iphone. had grainy photos with indoor lighting and so was the front camera. My iphone 6 plus struggles more with low lighting. Flash only helps so much but isnt as good as galaxy s5 in low light condition w/flash.

  20. Mashooq Ali says:

    I really need those phones someone got extra phone send it to me