Top 5 Future Technology Inventions | 2019 – 2050

Top 5 Future Technology Inventions | 2019 – 2050

These are top 5 future technology inventions and creations which are expected to be available in between 2019 to 2050.
These are the next generation inventions.The future gadgets are of new era.They are amazing than ever.Have a look at these awesome future technologies.The top five upcoming future inventions are:
5.Cicret Bracelet
4.I Watch
3.Wall-Format Display Glass
2.Smart CARD
1.Smart Newspaper
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49 Responses to Top 5 Future Technology Inventions | 2019 – 2050

  1. kundan kumar sonkar says:

    अगर मुझे वॉच मंगाना है तो कहां से मिलेगा

  2. Victor Rodriguez says:


  3. Muzaffar Bukhari says:

    price kia hy

  4. Edoge183 says:

    Just the same invention again and again

  5. Mark Edizon Bersamina says:

    Paypal Money Adder Online Generator Tool

  6. PremiumTrash says:

    hey, can someone tell me the name of the music used at 1:22, sounds awesome and would like to know the name and try and find the full song

  7. nika jiqia says:

    au ra telea

  8. Victor Rodriguez says:


  9. dimyata says:

    This is COOL: recommend. See and this 3.0

  10. Olympianisstealth ._. says:

    The I watch holographic screen is so fake

  11. Khang Hà Huy says:

    2:23 zack king ?

  12. jagdish kumar says:

    I watch kitne rs ke ate hai

  13. Fernando Klaser says:

    Onde comprar

  14. Ghastly Toast says:

    Boi the cicret bracelet is fake ;-;

  15. jonathan bell says:

    Horrible music!

  16. Nadeem Safdar says:


  17. UC Tech says:

    Great amazing video keep it up the good work

  18. Rebeca Gouvea says:

    Na e onde que é isso???

  19. Alex Otomi says:

    this wont happen in 2 years

  20. Marionette says:

    I need the second watch

  21. Miley Ashlyn says:

    What I see is crapple trying to copy Microsoft 2019 vision

  22. Miley Ashlyn says:

    To use that hologram tech you need Microsoft hololens. Which OMG already fucking exist. Terrible copy and paste video half stolen from Microsoft the rest from shitty apple

  23. LostMcpeMiner says:

    The newspaper one looks like something out of Harry Potter! Lol

  24. EL BISPO QUYLLUR says:

    E nas Palavras do Bob. Nada vale mais do que uma amizade idiota!

  25. Generation Challenge says:

    Top 5 Future Technology inventions Available Now:

  26. KR MASTERS says:

    so lovely i like

  27. Froggy Noddy says:

    now type a message with 2 hands

  28. احلام ابو الغيث says:

    هل هذا حقيقي ام خرط

  29. GAMBIAN FURIAH says:

    Stop lying

  30. Pritz GT says:

    Smart newspaper was the coolest cuz it looks like the world is going to the Harry Potter side.

  31. Vincent Bruce says:

    There’s something wrong with the first video it’s using Jelly Bean software on the wrist but I thought it’s nugget or Oreos or something like that because the software looks like the regular LG phone but the software is outdated they should have been improved on that

  32. Jabbar Muhammad says:

    Technology is the best

  33. Sabeer V says:

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  35. Victor Rodriguez says:


  36. ChilliHotSAUCE 18 says:

    uhmmm cicret bracelets were made since 2015


    it looks amazing

  38. Ruzzel Gania says:

    The smart newspaper is fake

  39. jagdish kumar says:

    how to order i watch