Top 5 Most Secure Phones

Are you worried about your privacy? Have you got important data that needs to be kept secure? Then you might want one of these super private phones designed to keep your sensitive information secure. From the fearsome looking Turing Phone, to the exclusive Sirin Labs Solarin, to the cool Blackberry DTEK50 and Silent Circle Blackphone 2. These top 5 phones will help you “go dark” and stay hidden from prying eyes. They offer features that aren’t found on your typical phone, they offer high levels of encryption, app monitoring, and other high level security features to protect your sensitive information.

Turing Black Wyvern
GSMK Cryptophone 500
Sirin Labs Solarin (Beautiful website)
Blackberry DTEK50
Silent Cirlce Blackphone 2

Do you agree with this list? Which smartphone would you love to have and why? Let us know in the comments below.
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18 Responses to Top 5 Most Secure Phones

  1. Open Skyy (Immortal Blackbird) says:

    "Military grade encryption" lmao what?

  2. None Info avaliable says:

    Nice fetures but ugly simple designs

  3. Tulsatom Bob says:

    1:00 GSMK Cryptophone 500……. Recommended by Hillary Clinton.

  4. Steve C says:

    Excuse me!, No iPhone?????
    We know it's more secure than all these phones

  5. Rico G says:

    BLACKBERRY Phones impossible to Root. That tells you e everything. Case closed. Got mine at

  6. Avishek Mukherjee says:

    where to buy a blackphone 2????
    Is it available on ebay?

  7. nintendork900 says:

    Was a bit surprised by number one…didn't Blackberry wipe the floor with blackphone and point out a huge flaw in it or something? I thought I remembered reading that somewhere. Even if this is not true BB10 is the most secure phone OS.

  8. Aamir Nawab says:

    iphone is going to lose the mobile war because of IPhone 7 for sure as it the worst device ever

  9. Alex Tsang says:

    $13,000 for a Sirin Labs Solarin though damnnnn thats more than apple XD

  10. Edison “Ed” J. says:

    i don't want finger print sensor on my phone. so over rated. why, so I can have the phone manufacturer and the app manufacturer on my phone with a record of my fingerprints? no thanks.

  11. Devashish Shrimali says:

    +Tech Best
    From which country?

  12. luis valdivieso says:

    Everyone knows that I phone is the 1 in security and you just ignored

  13. Sumanta Roy says:

    resently I brought blackberry priv and it is very good phone.

  14. HTCDesirePro says:

    i wonder why xaomi phones not included, for me xiaomi is the best when it comes to security as it can enable or disable permissions from each app. But it's ok, nice video as always. keep it up :)

  15. Jaeh Macarulay says:

    I think Crytophone is not a phone but an application.

  16. Todays Topic says:

    Should do best Chinese camera phones

  17. Aj Sth says:

    im happy with my nokia music xpress

  18. Tech Best says:

    Note: These 5 phones offer features that aren't found on your typical phone, they go well beyond simple finger print readers. They offer high levels of encryption, app monitoring to ensure your apps aren't releasing private data, and other high level security features to protect your sensitive information.