Top 5 Smartphones Under $300! (2015)

Best budget smartphones of 2015!

Smartphone Awards of 2014:

Xiaomi mi 4i:

2015 Moto G:
Moto E:

Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3:

Asus ZenPhone 2:

OnePlus One:
OnePlus One Review:

Honorable mentions:

Sony Xperia M2:

Microsoft Lumia 640:

Sharp Aquos Crystal:
Sharp Aquos Crystal Review:

Video Gear I use:

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20 Responses to Top 5 Smartphones Under $300! (2015)

  1. Rok McDonald says:

    Which better oneplus or s5 neo?

  2. fluffiest prince says:

    Do you have to pay monthly for any of the phones can you turn it in to iPod mode so you don't have to pay monthly

  3. Lucas Berna says:

    Cell phone buying advice. Thank you for your time
    1. Motorola Moto G (2nd generation) Unlocked Cellphone, 8GB, Black $100
    2.Sharp Aquos Crystal Silver (Boost Mobile)
    3.Motorola Moto E (2nd Generation) Unlocked Cellphone, Black $70
    4.Microsoft Nokia Lumia 640 LTE
    I am looking for a cell phone that I can connect with the internet to store the information I put in which is calendar, to do list and contacts. I have been able to connect to a calendar in google account with a LOGIC x1 phone. For a to do list I was thinking wunderlist but it is not compatible with lumia 520. I need a good camera to take pictures of pages in books and nature. I want to record videos playing piano. I need a good working speaker. decent sound recording, alarm. decent batter life. So far the best service provider i found is h20 wireless that charges .05 per minute i think, and the option of adding money for three months that ranges around $10-30 or more. I am looking to save money that is why the budget options.

  4. arhlen itchon says:

    how about iphone 4. they cost now 150dollars

  5. JXIE Productions says:

    Check out the cheap phone, Xiaomi Redmi Note 3

  6. JXIE Productions says:

    There is Meizu Note 2, Check it out

  7. Jovanni Ferriolo says:

    I got as us zen phone March 14 2016 for 116.78$

  8. viru bhai says:

    bro your are rocking with your reviews … xd

  9. ivan dimov says:

    Im getting the Oneplus one i will update this comment when i finally get it!

  10. Anön Y'müse says:

    MOTO E!?!?!? NO.

  11. Brendan Vincent says:

    what about zte grand x2?

  12. Jovanni Ferriolo says:

    You can get Samsung Galaxy note 4 off of amazon for 240$

  13. Charlie White says:

    the Wiley fox swift is only £130 (amazon) and is very good for that price, decent specs but the Wiley fox storm £200(amazon) is more expensive BUT is a bigger and upgraded version of the swift. Both are good and relatively cheap

  14. Anthony kordula says:

    zenfone or xiami?

  15. zecaptorre s says:

    I want an overall fast smartphone, i have an iphone 4 and its allways bugged…. What should I buy? helppp

  16. Eli Hutch says:

    i wish i can afford stuff like that

  17. gierome duan says:

    what are you doing with all these phones ?? like how often u use each ? haha spare me some

  18. Irfan Bhuiyan says:

    But the moto G 3rd gen!

  19. Marko Max says:

    Hey nigga,where is the fucking High-End BLU products?
    Nothing but branded right? Just to took some money for marketing and thats it? Even if they are all MADE AND PRODUCED IN FUCKING CHINA?!?!?!

  20. G420 Stone says:

    keep doing it boy,first black man i seen doing those reviews